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Beard Kit MB4045

Remington Trim Shape Style Beard Kit keeps you looking well-groomed and on-point with easy-to-use functions and an option of short length blades and long length blades to make styling, trimming and shaping effortless.

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Remington Trim Shape Style Beard Kit

Detailed Description:
Cordless use. Self-sharpening blades. Micro serrated blades. Pop-up trimmer for detail styling. LED charging indicator. Lithium powered with up to 120 mins. usage. Titanium coated blades, 300% harder than steel blades*. Short length adjustable comb (1.5-18 mm) for short length beard grooming. XL adjustable comb (20-35 mm) - for longer haired beard styling. *vs. Remington® steel blades. Tailored styling for the bearded lifestyle. XL adjustable comb (20-35 mm) - for longer beard hair styling. Short length adjustable comb (1.5-18 mm) - for short length beard grooming. Micro length stubble comb (1-5 m) for that perfect 3 day stubble look. Easy use zoom wheel to select your desired length setting. Mixed boar bristle beard brush to keep your beard hair well groomed. Premium stainless steel beard scissors to trim stray and protruding hairs. Lithium powered for long lasting performance with up to 120 mins. usage. www.remington-europe.com. 3 yr +1 guarantee. 3 year guarantee +1 extra year when you register online within 28 days. www.remington-europe.com/register. Model no. MB4045. 220-240Vac, 50/60Hz, noise level: ≤74 dB(A) 446g. Remington® is a registered trademark of Spectrum Brands, Inc. or one of its subsidiaries. Made in China to the specifications of Spectrum Brands, Inc. The actual product may differ from the picture on the carton. ©2015 SBI. www.remington-europe.com. Tel. +44 0800 212 438 (free call). www.remington.co.uk. Service and guarantee UK: Defects affecting product functionality appearing within the guarantee period will be corrected by replacement or repair at our option provided the product is used and maintained in accordance with the instructions. Your statutory rights are not affected. Consumables are excluded. Defects from repair by an unauthorised dealer are not covered. Guarantee period = 3 years from first retail purchase. To claim the extra 1 year guarantee, register your product online within 28 days of purchase. www.remington.co.uk/productregister. If you call the Service Centre, please have the model no. to hand, as we won't be able to help you without it. The model no. can be found on the rating plate of the appliance. Thank you for buying your new Remington® product. Please read these instructions carefully and keep them safe. Remove all packaging before use. Key features: 1. On/off switch. 2. Adjustable zoom wheel. 3. Length position indicator. 4. Charge/recharge indicator. 5. Beard brush. 6. Scissors. 7. Stubble comb (1-5 mm). 8. Short length adjustable comb (1.5-18 mm). 9. XL adjustable comb (20-35 mm). 10. Adaptor (not shown). 11. Pop-up trimmer.

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Marketing description:
Remington®. Beard kit. Trim, shape, style. Up to 120 minutes. Lithium powered. Ti, titanium coated blades. Short length adjustable comb (1.5-18mm) - for short length beard grooming. XL adjustable comb (20-35 mm) - for longer beard hair styling. Tailored styling for the bearded lifestyle.


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Usage instructions:
Getting started: Charging your appliance. Note: it is recommended to fully charge your appliance before using for the first time. Please refer to the charge times shown in this book. Ensure the product is switched off. This appliance should be charged by approved safety isolating adaptors VA050035J (EU), BA050035J (UK) with the output capacity of 5Vac; 350mA. Connect the product to the adaptor and then to the mains. Charge level indicators: Charge level - indicator. Charging - orange LED will show. Fully charged - orange LED will turn off. Run time from fully charged is up to 120 minutes. Charge time from empty is 4 hours. Note: to preserve the life of your batteries, let them run out every 6 months then fully charge. Instructions for use: Cordless use - when the product is switched on and fully charged it can be used in cordless mode for up to 120 minutes. Switch the product on by sliding up the on/off switch. Always comb your beard or moustache with a fine comb before you start trimming. If you wish to trim your beard hair between 1.5-18mm - attach the short length adjustable comb. For maintaining and trimming longer beard length between 20-35mm attach the XL adjustable comb. To attach a comb, first ensure the adjustable zoom wheel is set to 1. Then slide on the desired comb so that the comb rails align into the slots found at the top of the trimmer head. Select the comb length by rotating the zoom wheel upwards to increase the length and downwards to decrease the length. Please see the table below for the different length increments. Setting - hair trimming length with short length adjustable comb attached. 1 - 1.5 mm (grade 0). 2 - 2.5 mm (grade 1). 3 - 4 mm. 4 - 5.5 mm (grade 2). 5 - 7 mm. 6 - 9 mm (grade 3). 7 - 11 mm (grade 4). 8 - 14 mm (grade 5). 9 - e mm (grade 6). Setting - hair trimming length with XL adjustable comb attached. 1 - 20 mm. 2 - 21 mm. 3 - 22 mm (grade 7). 4 - 23.5 mm. 5 - 25.5 mm (grade 8). 6 - 27.5 mm. 7 - 29.5 mm. 8 - 32 mm. 9 - 35 mm. To remove the comb, with the adjustable zoom wheel set to 1, pull the comb off the beard trimmer. For a more detailed, precision stubble look, attached the adjustable stubble comb which can trim hair between 1 to 5mm. The cutting lengths increase in 0.5 increments. Please note that the adjustable zoom wheel does not increase the length settings on the stubble comb. To adjust these length settings, turn the dial found on the back of the stubble comb which will then indicate the different trimming lengths to choose from. Note: the below instructions are recommended for those with or wanting to trim beard hair between 1.5 to 18mm in length. To thin and taper the beard/moustache: Turn the unit on. Place the flat top of the trimmer comb against the skin. Slowly slide the trimmer through the hair. Repeat from different directions as necessary. If hair builds up in the trimmer comb during the trimming process, switch the unit off, pull off the comb and brush off. Detailing: To create sharp lines around your beard, press the pop-up trimmer release button. Start with the edge of the beard/moustache line and gently lower the trimmer blade onto your skin. Use motions towards the edge of the beard/ moustache line to trim to the desired locations in the facial area and away from beard in neck area. Trimming and styling longer beards: To take out volume from your beard or if you want to take down the length significantly, select your desired length setting on the XL comb (please see the table for trimming length settings). Place the flat top of the trimmer comb against the skin. Slowly slide through the hair. Repeat from different directions as necessary. If hair builds up in the trimmer comb during the trimming process, switch the unit off, pull off the comb and brush the hair off. How to blend/taper your beard: Tapering is when you fade the length of your beard from shorter sideburns to a longer beard. This is how you can truly style your beard based on different lengths and shapes. 1. Adjust the comb to your selected grade. 2. Grade settings and the respective trimming lengths the beard kit offers can be seen in the table. You will either need to use the short length adjustable comb or the XL adjustable comb depending on the grade you require. If you don't know, you can start at a longer trimming setting and work up towards your hairline, lowering the grade number as you go. 3. Beard hairs sit on your face much lower than at the root compared to stubble. Therefore, use a comb to lift up the hair you want to remove and identify where the root is. This section of hair should be located at the middle of your ear (see fig. 1). Start grading your beard here, upwards. Don't start clipping too low or you are going to be taking away supporting hairs lower down. Clipping: 4. Lift this section of hair, guide into the adjustable comb and run the clipper through. Go over a couple of times. 5. Now it's time to blend. Lower the grade setting on your trimmer to move onto the next higher section of hair (eg. grade 4 to 3). Go slightly higher than previous section working upwards (see fig. 2). Again, place hair into the comb and run the clipper through. 6. Repeat process (eg. grade 3 to 2) - this is fading. Keep moving the process upwards until you match the grade number on the sides of your head (fig. 3). 7. Trim any protruding hairs with the enclosed scissors. 8. Brush beard through beard with the enclosed beard brush. 9. Add your choice of beard oil/beard wax to your beard. 10. You're now beard ready to continue to live that bearded lifestyle! Trimming edge of sideburns: Hold the trimmer with the trimmer blade facing you. Start with edge of sideburn and with the trimmer blades resting lightly against your skin, use motions towards edge of sideburn line to trim to desired locations in facial area. Shape as desired. Trimming the nape of your neck: You will need a hand mirror for this operation if performing it alone. Use your fingers to lift the hair at the base of your head up off the neck. Your index finger should be covering the roots of the hairs you are lifting to prevent accidental removal by trimmer. Using your other hand, hold the trimmer to the base of your neck with the cutting unit facing up, and move the trimmer up the length of the neck until it touches your finger covering the hair roots at the base of your head. Be sure to move the unit slowly when performing this operation and to keep the hair roots at the base of your head out of the way of the trimmer. Tips for best results: Beard, moustache and sideburn hairs should be dry. Always brush your beard before beginning to trim, shape or style it. Avoid using lotions before using your trimmer. If you are trimming for the first time start with the maximum comb length setting. Attaching and removing the blade: To remove the blade press the release button found at the top of the trimmer where it meets the back of the blade head and push the blade cartridge upwards and away from the trimmer. To attach a blade, snap the desired cartridge in place until it clicks. Cleaning and maintenance: To ensure long lasting performance clean after each use. Ensure the appliance is switched off and unplugged from the mains. Always store the attachment guide comb on the trimmer blade. Do not use harsh or corrosive cleaners on the unit or blades. To clean the unit, wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Wash the removable blade cartridge under a running tap to remove any hair clippings. We recommend that you add a couple of drops of oil to the blades every so often. Battery removal: The battery must be removed from the appliance before it is scrapped. The appliance must be disconnected from the supply mains when removing the battery. Ensure the trimmer is discharged of all power. Remove the comb attachment. Detach the blade head. Remove the head clip using a screw driver. Pry apart the top and bottom housing. Unscrew the 2 screws on the circuit board. Remove the upper circuit board. Disconnect the battery from the low circuit board. Dispose of the batteries safely.

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