Comfort Series Plus Foil Shaver PF7400

Remington Comfort Series Foil Shaver guarantees a great shaving experience with a clever design that allows for a close and comfortable shave and a battery that provides long-lasting power for 60 minutes of uninterrupted cordless use.

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Remington Comfort Series Plus Trimmer

Detailed Description:
Charge/low LED indicators. Washable head for easy cleaning. Universal voltage. Cordless use: Intercept trimmer to capture and trim longer hairs. Flex and pivot technology - for a comfortable shave experience. Close, comfortable results. Flex & pivot technology - shaver head and foils adjust to the contours of your face. Dual foil for a close and effective shave. Intercept trimmer - to capture and trim low lying longer hairs. Comfort trim - for detail styling. 2 year guarantee + 1 extra year when you register online within 28 days. www.remington-europe.com/register. www.remington-europe.com. Remington® is a registered trademark of Spectrum Brands, Inc. (SBI), or one of its subsidiaries. The actual product may differ from the picture on the carton. Made in China to the specifications of Spectrum Brands, Inc. Varta Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. ©2015 SBI. United Kingdom: Tel. + 44 0800 212 438 (free call). www.remington.co.uk. Service and guarantee UK: Defects affecting product functionality appearing within the guarantee period will be corrected by replacement or repair at our option provided the product is used and maintained in accordance with the instructions. Your statutory rights are not affected. Consumables are excluded. Defects from repair by an unauthorised dealer are not covered. Guarantee period = 2 years from first retail purchase. To claim the extra 1 year guarantee, register your product online within 28 days of purchase. www.remington.co.uk/productregister. If you call the service centre, please have the model no. To hand, as we won't be able to help you without it. The model no. Can be found on the rating plate of the appliance. Thank you for buying your new Remington® product. Please read these instructions carefully and keep them safe. Key features: 1. On/off switch. 2. Foil screens. 3. Cutter assembly. 4. Hair pocket. 5. Charging indicator. 6. Power port (when not in charging stand). 7. Pop-up trimmer. 8. Head guard. 9. Adaptor (not shown). 10. Cleaning brush (not shown). 11. Charing stand (PF7500).

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1 Pack

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Marketing description:
Remington®. Comfort series plus. PF7400. Up to 40 minutes. Cordless use. Intercept trimmer to capture and trim longer hairs. Flex and pivot technology - for a comfortable shave experience. Close, comfortable results.


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Usage instructions:
Remove all packaging before use. Getting started: It is recommended that you use your new shaver daily for up to two weeks to allow time for your beard and skin to become accustomed to the new shaving system. Charging your appliance: It is recommended to fully charge your appliance before using for the first time. Please refer to the charge times shown in this book. Ensure the product is switched off. The adaptor automatically adjusts to a main voltage between 100V and 240V. Connect the shaver to the adaptor and then to the mains. Connect the adaptor to the charge stand and then to the mains (PF7500). Place the charge stand on a flat surface (PF7500). Place the shaver in the charge stand with the charge pins contacting (PF7500). Charge level indicators: Charge level - indicator. Charging - green LED will show. Fully charged - green LED will turn off. Run time from fully charged is up to 40 mins. (PF7400), up to 50 mins (PF7500). Charge time from empty is 16 hours (PF7400), 120 mins (PF7500). Note: to preserve the life of your batteries, let them run out every 6 months then fully charge. Quick charge function: PF7500 has a 5 min quick charge feature that will provide enough charge for 1 shave (3 mins). Instructions for use: For corded use connect the shaver to the adaptor, then to the mains. (PF7500). Make sure your shaver is properly charged. Switch the shaver on by pressing the on/off switch. Shaving: Stretch the skin with your free hand so the hairs stand upright. Hold the shaving head so that the foils touch your face. Use short linear strokes. Trimming: Slide up the trimmer release button to activate the trimmer. Hold the trimmer at a right angle to your skin. To retract the trimmer, push the top rear of the trimmer down until it locks under the trimmer release button. Tips for best results: Always hold the shaver at right angles to the skin so that all foils are touching the skin with equal pressure. Use moderate to slow stroking movements. The use of short linear motions in stubborn areas may obtain a closer shave, especially along the neck and chin line. Do not press hard against the skin in order to avoid irritation and damage to the foil heads. Cleaning and maintenance: To ensure long lasting performance clean after each use. Ensure the appliance is switched off and unplugged from the mains. The easiest and most hygienic way to clean the appliance is by rinsing the appliance head after use with warm water. Dry cleaning: Pull the foil assembly up to remove from the hair pocket. Gently tap out the excess hair shavings and use a cleaning brush to clean out the hair pocket if necessary. Note: do not use a brush to clean the shaving foils. Replace the head assembly. Washable cleaning: Pull the foil assembly up to remove from the hair pocket. Do not use the brush to clean the foils but blow the shavings out or rinse in running water. Use the cleaning brush to sweep any loose hairs from the cutter and trimmer. Rinse in running water. Replace the head assembly. Lubricate the teeth of the trimmer every six weeks with a drop of sewing machine oil. Note: the shaver headguard has been designed so that when placed on the shaver head, the shaver can be stood on the headguard to allow any water droplets to drain from the shaver head. Replacing the foils & cutters: To ensure continued high quality performance from your shaver, we recommend the foils and cutters are replaced regularly. Signs that your foil/s and cutter/s need replacing: Irritation: as foils get worn, you may experience skin irritation. Pulling: as the cutters wear, your shave may not feel as close and you may feel the cutter pulling your hair. Wear through: you may notice that the cutters have worn through the foils. To replace the foil: Pull the foil assembly up to remove from the hair pocket. Insert the new foil assembly on the hair pocket, press down and click into place. Replacing the cutters: Grasp the cutter between your thumb and forefinger and pull upwards. Snap the new cutter into the oscillator tip. Note: do not press on the cutter ends as this may cause damage. Foil and cutters replacement model: SPF-PF. Battery removal: The battery must be removed from the appliance before it is scrapped. The appliance must be disconnected from the supply mains when removing the battery. Remove 2 screws from the end cap. Remove the end cap and main housing from the back. Using a small screwdriver, pry off the rear housing. Remove 6 screws and then open the inner cover from the shaver to expose the battery. Cut the tabs which connect the battery to the circuit board and remove the battery. Dispose of the battery safely.

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