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Smooth & Silky Lady Shaver WDF481C

Remington Smooth & Silky Ladyshaver works with batteries for convenient, on-the-go use. Can be used with or without shaving cream for super smooth results. Comes with a bikini trimmer comb for beautifully grooming your intimate areas.

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Remington Smooth & Silky Battery Operated Ladyshaver

Detailed Description:
Perfectly smooth skin. The smooth trim technology with massaging strip leaves the skin silky smooth. Integrated flexible trimmer effectively trims long hairs and reduces skin irritation. Fast and gentle shave. 2 hypoallergenic floating foils follow the curves of your body protecting the skin from nicks and cuts. Perfectly trimmed and shaped. Bikini trimmer attachment comb and flexible trimmer system with smooth rounded shaped blades guarantee gentle and precise results. Specially designed trimmer guard lifts and guides flat lying hairs for silky smooth results. Anti slip grip: for comfort and control. Ideal for wet use. www.remington-europe.com. Slim ergonomic design. +2 accessories: cleaning brush & beauty bag. 2 year guarantee +1 extra year when you register online within 28 days. www.remington-europe.com/register. Powered by Varta. Thank you for buying your new RemingtonĀ® product. Key features: 1. Head assembly. 2. Head release button. 3. On/Off switch. 4. 2 hypoallergenic flexing shaver foils. 5. Bikini trimmer comb guard. 6. Flexible trimmer. 7. Battery compartment. 8. Massage strip. 9. Cleaning brush (not shown). 10. Trimmer guard. 11. Anti-slip grip. Getting started. Be patient when first using your lady shaver, as with any new product, it may take a little while to familiarise yourself with the product. Take the time to acquaint yourself with your shaver, as we are confident you will receive years of enjoyable use and complete satisfaction. Environmental protection: to avoid environmental and health problems due to hazardous substances in electrical and electronic goods, appliances marked with this symbol must not be disposed of with unsorted municipal waste, but recovered, reused or recycled.

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1 Pack

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Marketing description:
RemingtonĀ®. Smooth & silky. Battery operated ladyshaver. Battery operated (2 x AAA in pack). Wet & dry. Bikini trimmer. Comb included.


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Usage instructions:
Please read these instructions carefully and keep them safe. Remove all packaging before use. Inserting batteries: Your shaver requires 2 'AAA' alkaline batteries (first set included). We recommend that you use Varta* batteries. 1. Make sure the product is turned Off. 2. Rotate the battery compartment cap approximately 1/4 turn anti-clockwise then pull off. 3. Insert 2 'AAA' alkaline batteries, so that the (+) and (-) marks on the battery face the same mark in the battery compartment. 4. Place cap back on unit using the alignment marks and rotate clockwise until the cap snaps into place. Note: your shaver will not work if the batteries are inserted incorrectly. Note: remove the batteries if the unit is not in use for long periods. Instructions for use: Your lady shaver is suitable for legs, underarms and the bikini area. It can be used dry or in the shower. For regular shaving: 1. Switch the shaver On. 2. Hold the shaver at a right angle to your skin and move the shaver against the direction of the hair growth. 3. After shaving, turn the shaver Off. Note: before dry shaving, ensure the area is clean, dry and free from creams or oils. For longer hairs: 4. If you have not shaved for a while, use the trimmer before shaving. This will help you achieve a more effective shaving result. 5. Hold the shaver with the trimmer facing your leg and slightly tilted towards you (approximately a 45 degrees angle). Trimming and shaping: 6. Attach the bikini trimmer attachment. 7. Hold the shaver at a right angle to your skin and press down gently. 8. Edge and shape the areas as desired. For best shaving performance: 9. We recommend that you use your new shaver daily for 2-3 weeks to allow time to find the optimum shaving methods for your particular type of hair growth patterns. Care for your shaver: 10. To ensure long lasting performance of your shaver, clean the head assembly regularly. The easiest and the most hygienic way to clean the shaver is by rinsing the having head after use with warm water. After each use: 11. Ensure the shaver is turned Off. 12. Press the side release button to slip open the head assembly. 13. Blow any loose debris from the foil. 14. Brush or rinse any accumulated hair from the main body of the shaver, head assembly and cutter assembly. 15. Leave the head assembly open to allow the shaver to dry completely. Note: The lady shaver is suitable for use in the bath or shower. Do not rinse with water hotter than 70 degrees C. Do not completely submerge the lady shaver in water. Ensure that the lady shaver is turned Off when cleaning. Do not clean the shaving foils with the brush. At regular intervals, put a drop of sewing machine oil onto the foils and cutter heads. Replacing your foil and cutters: To ensure the continued highest quality performance from your shaver, we recommend that the foil and cutter are replaced every 6 months. These can be obtained from our nearest Remington* Service Centre. Signs that your foils and cutters need replacing. Irritation: as foils get worn, you may experience skin irritation. Pulling: as the cutters wear, your shave may not feel as close and you may feel the cutter pulling your hair. Wear through: you may notice that the cutters have worn through the foils. To replace the foil: 16. Ensure the lady shaver is switched Off. 17. Gently push the small plastic area at either end of the foil. The foil should then easily detach from the head assembly. 18. To reassemble, slide the foil into foil bracket and click into position. 19. Close the head assembly. To replace the cutters: 20. Ensure the shaver is switched Off and open the head assembly (as above). 21. To remove cutter, grasp cutter between the thumb and forefinger and pull upwards. 22. To reassemble cutter, place cutter onto the oscillator tip. Gently push down clicking into position.

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Not a good device 1.0
Alexia , 15 Oct 2019

I thought that with the double shaving foil this would be a good shaver. Sadly, it is really ineffective. You have to go over the area multiple times and it leaves many hairs behind, making shaving quite tedious. In all the time it takes to do one patch, I'd rather just grab a razor and get it over with. The trimmer is terrible too. It sits in a weird position and doesn't "grab" hairs. It gets clogged up and isn't easy to clean out. You have to change the batteries often too since it takes such a long time just to shave once. Used it three or four times, but giving up on it now - there are better shavers. Not very well designed, expected far better from Remington.