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Jug Blender 1.5 Litres

Safeway Jug Blender 1.5 Litres comes with a pulse setting and 2 speeds to blend a range of dishes and drinks, including soups, smoothies, shakes and purees. Complete with 3-prong plug.

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Safeway 1.5L Jug Blender

Detailed Description:
Congratulations on choosing a Safeway product. Compare our designs, features, quality and price with any other brand and you'll be pleasantly surprised!For over 30 years, Safeway has been providing South African homes with an extensive range of quality electrical appliances. Exclusive to Clicks and trusted by our customers, Safeway products are designed to be reliable and offer exceptional value.You've made an excellent choice and we wish you many happy years of use!Specifications:Model: SJB002.Voltage: 220-240V 50Hz.Power: 400W.Description:1. Plastic jug 15L.2. Handle.3. Level markings.4. Locking mechanism.5. Motor unit.6. Settings.7. Switch.Guarantee:Electrical and Hi-tech products are covered by a 12 (twelve) month guarantee. Clicks reserves the right to test the product to confirm the alleged defect before the product will be replaced or refunded.Please note that this guarantee excludes degradation and/or defects arising as a result of normal wear and tear and/or misuse of the product caused by overloading, negligence or accidental or improper use.Any changes made to the appliance, cord or sealed plug will invalidate the guarantee, as would any attempted repair to the appliance while under the guarantee period.Did you know?Safeway has a broad range of products suited for your home consisting not only of household appliances but also audio and digital products, scales, plugs, adaptors, batteries, fans and heaters. We also offer an extensive range of personal grooming products including hairdryers, hair straighteners, men's shavers, hair clippers, body groomers and massage products.Stainless steel cutting blades.Double safety interlock jug.Clicks promise:All electrical merchandise are covered by a 12-month guarantee from date of purchase, excluding defects that occur due to normal wear and tear.Talk to us...0860 254 paperboard carton.Remember, always separate lids, caps, labels, cartons etc. before recycling.

Pack size:
1 pack

Quantity in pack:

Marketing description:
Safeway.1.5L jug blender.Pulse and 2 speed settings.Trusted quality.Exceptional value.12 month guarantee.400W appliance wattage.Complete with 3-prong plug.


Package type:

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Usage instructions:
Please read this instruction manual before using your Safeway product and keep. It in a safe place for future reference. If you pass the appliance on to anyone else, please include this manual. We also recommend you keep the packaging until you are satisfied that this product is operating correctly.Before use:Before you use the blender for the first time, thoroughly clean all the components of the appliance, except for the base which contains the motor unit with electrical parts and should never come into contact with water.Operation:This blender is designed with a double-safety system. If the jug and the jug lid are not placed correctly, the blender motor will not switch on.1. Attach the blender jug to the motor.2. Rotate the jug in an anti-clockwise direction until it locks in place. If it does not lock in place, the item will not switch on.3. After putting ingredients into the jug, attach the lid of the jug and rotate it until it is correctly locked in place. If the lid is incorrectly aligned, the blender will not switch on. The part of the lid that sticks out must be aligned with the handle of the jug once it has been locked in place.4. Plug the unit in and turn it on.5. The motor will run and the cutting blades will spin.Speed selection:Select the speed that is most suitable for you to process. [Off (0). Low speed (1), medium speed (2), and pulse (P)].1. To let the appliance run for only a few moments at a time, set the switch to position P and release it immediately. Repeat this procedure as often as necessary.2. To switch the motor off, set the switch to position 0.Care and cleaning:It is highly recommended that you clean the appliance immediately after use.1. Before cleaning, always switch off the appliance and unplug from socket.2. Clean the outside of the motor unit with a damp cloth. Avoid the use of abrasive detergents.3. Use extreme caution when washing the blender jar by hand; the blades are sharp.4. Never immerse the motor unit in water.5. Before plugging the appliance into the mains outlet again, make sure the motor unit is thoroughly dry.For household use only.Directions for use:Safety precautions and directions for use are included in the Owner's manual.

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2.1904761904761907 from 21 reviews Write a review
The lid 5.0
Anonymous reviewer , 13 Nov 2018

People I also struggled with the lid to 🔐it but I finally got ut right! You must just turn the lid clock wise till it locks, it must be on top of the handle..... Check the box outside, there is a last picture that shows where the lid must point

So far so good 4.0
Anonymous reviewer , 13 Nov 2018

Struggled to switch it on 1st time but later I managed to get it right! It works fine for now

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