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Introducing Clicks Expert Specialised Care

Meet one of the newest ranges to land on our shelves, specifically formulated by specialists to support the health of your family's skin care.


Natural hair care for little ones

Take good care of your baby’s hair from the start to ensure healthy, strong hair later on.


4 top grooming tips for men

Shaving rash? Ingrown hairs? No problem! We have a quick fix for your skincare troubles.


Great care for your grey hair

Grey hair has special needs, here'™s how to keep yours in beautiful shape.

Save on summer skin care

Men can get breast cancer too!

It’s nowhere near as prevalent in men as it is in women, but breast cancer does strike men and is just as dangerous.

Top 5 health checks for men

Be proactive and take these simple health screenings, as we mark Men's Health Awareness Week from 10 - 14 June 2019.

Top 5 cancers affecting South African men

Do you know which cancers are most likely to affect men? Learn how to reduce your risk.

The complications of untreated chlamydia – for women and men

Learn about the complications that men and women might experience due to chlamydia.

Cuticle care 101

Dry, peeling or unkempt cuticles can sabotage even the prettiest manicure. Our care guide will ensure your cuticles look nothing but cute!

Your 5-minute guide to men’s hair products

If you feel a bit lost when you browse the shelves and you’re looking for a quick 101 on how to choose the right men’s hair products, keep reading.

Masks for men: What you need to know

While being stuck at home during lockdown can be frustrating, one of the positives is that you will likely have a little more time to spend on your self-care routine. Always wondered how to choose - or use - the right face mask for your skin? Our experts are here to help you out. 

Long hair styling tips for men

If you didn’t know that “I-woke-up-like-this” hair actually takes time and effort, you’re in for a surprise! None the less, a cool long hairdo is totally worth the work.

How to care for your premature baby at home

Bringing a preemie home is daunting, but with love and special care your baby will flourish.

How do you know if your baby is too sick to go to day care?

While it might seem like you’re constantly wiping your child’s runny nose, it’s not unusual for little ones to contract between 8 – 10 colds a year, especially if they’re at creche or day care.

How to take care of your nutrition during pregnancy

Ensure you and your developing baby get all the nutrients you both need.