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5 Easy steps to healthy, happy children

Here is what you should know to help you raise healthy, happy children.


Is sleeping with make-up on really so bad?

After a big night out, you’ll know that the last thing you feel like doing is removing your make-up, but here’s why you should.


4 steps to healthy hair this winter

Don't allow your hair to let you down this chilly season.


Party smart with healthy and delicious treats

Make flavourful party food that's good for you with the new generation of appliances.

Save on summer skin care

How to balance cancer treatment and work

Working during cancer treatment can give you a psychological boost and security.

3 golden rules for raising healthy children

The health of South African children is under threat. Adopt new, healthy habits today and let’s give our children a shot at a healthy future.

How to get your pH balance right

Many common health problems can be the result of a pH imbalance in your body.

5 steps to keep your child’s weight healthy

Getting your child to a healthy weight doesn’t have to be a battle.

Why your skin looks so dull - and what to do about it

Nobody wants dull, dry or ashy-looking skin. Here’s how to get your glow back.

Why niacinamide deserves a place in your pigmentation-busting toolkit

So, what’s the big deal about niacinamide and skin health? Read on to find out.

BAMbeautiful: Natural care for thinning hair

Struggling with hair loss? You’re not alone. Just about everyone will experience hair fall at some point as there are so many things that can cause your hair to thin.

#ClicksSalonAtHome: A 3-step handcare routine

Getting a little concerned about the state of your hands due to all the washing and sanitising you’ve been doing recently? Not to worry – there are simple ways to ensure that your hands look their best while we all do our bit to stay healthy and flatten the curve.

Again, again: Why your toddler loves repetition so much

Toddlers love repetition because it’s familiar and comforting to them – as well as helping them to learn. Learn why your toddler loves repetition so much.

A great start to healthy teeth

One of the biggest myths surrounding children’s dental health is that baby teeth don’t matter, as they fall out anyway. We chat to two dentists about healthy tooth health for your toddler.

How to support healthy development through play

We all want our babies to have the best opportunity to develop and reach those all-important milestones in the lead-up to their first birthday. Here are a few helpful ways to support healthy development through play at nine months of age.

Impatience and why your toddler finds waiting so difficult

The authors of What to Expect – The Toddler Years say it can take a child until the age of three to be able to “wait a minute”.