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How to bond with your newly adopted baby

Bringing home an adopted baby is just as special as welcoming a biological baby.


Here's how to protect your baby from overheating

When dressing or swaddling your baby, don't go overboard.


Help for baby-fine hair

Baby fine hair needs a little extra care. Here's how to look after your thin tresses.


How often should my baby snack?

We tackle the question of how often your baby should be allowed to snack.

Save on summer skin care

Important baby milestones

These milestones are important markers of your baby’s development

Best baby sleep suggestions

When your baby sleeps well, so do you. Try these tips.

6 benefits of breastfeeding for baby

It’s the quickest, simplest way to feed your baby, and the best start you can give her in life.

Why is my baby so restless?

Dealing with a tiny baby who is struggling to settle can be very stressful. We explore what the problem could be.