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Should you spoil your kids this Christmas?

When we shower our kids with gifts this festive season, are we creating happy holidays or spoilt brats?


Top 5 snacks for kids

Stock up on nutritious snacks to serve your children when the munchies strike.


The ABC of a successful party for kids

All you need to know to throw the best kiddie birthday party.


Back to your roots

Curly, kinky, coily… Hair in its natural state is claiming its rightful place.

Save on summer skin care

The best brain food for kids

Kick-start your child’s school year with foods that boost brain power.

How to manage your child's allergies in spring

Here is great advice from Clicks' resident paediatrician to ensure your kids enjoy this season outdoors.

5 steps to healthier eating habits for school kids

Are your children eating well enough to get through an entire day of school? Follow these vital guidelines.

How to take care of your kid’s teeth

Make sure you’re on the right track to keeping your family’s teeth healthy and free of cavities.

How to strengthen naturally curly hair at home

Gorgeous, natural curls are a dream, but they do require a bit of TLC to prevent breakage, tangles and frizz. Give your locks a boost of strength with these tips.

The ultimate guide to curling your eyelashes

When it comes to eyelashes, curling is where it’s at! Find out how to create the curly, flirty lashes of your dreams.

How to fight the frizz factor

Every curly-haired girl’s number one enemy? Frizz. Beating this frustrating foe is difficult, but we’re here to help.

5 Foods never to feed kids under 3 years old

Some are choking hazards and others pose health risks you might not even know about. Here’s why these foods should not be given to babies or toddlers.

5 steps to becoming a calmer parent

You love your kids, but sometimes they can drive you crazy. Keep your cool with these tips.

5 Ways to cheer up a grumpy toddler

Just like adults, kids sometimes struggle with their moods. Here’s how to cheer them up.

Is it too early to start teaching your toddler manners?

The short answer is no, as kids start picking up social cues from a very young age.