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Dark nail divas

Many beauty trends have emerged this winter, but one of the biggest and easiest to buy into has to be super-dark nail polish.


Top 5 nail polishes for summer

When the sun is out, nail varnishes need to be bright and punchy!


10 sizzling new nail shades for summer

The must-have nail polish colours of summer 2016 and how to wear them.


4 nail trends you must try this summer

Get your hands summer-ready with these fresh, trendy nail colours.

Save on summer skin care

The importance of exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy can be very beneficial. Here's how.

How to deal with oral thrush when you're breastfeeding

Contracting thrush while you'€™re breastfeeding can be very painful. Here's how to cope.

6 myths about chlamydia

It’s one of the most common STDs and is potentially very serious. Know your facts.

Should you tell a loved one they need to lose weight?

Is speaking out about this very sensitive issue the best thing you can do for a loved one?

The best nude nail polishes to try now

Ultra-chic nude tips are one of our all-time favourite nail looks. We round up the best nude nail polishes and share the trick to finding your perfect shade.

Easy nail art to try at home

You don’t need to be a pro manicurist to create eye-catching nail art. We’ve got some gorgeous, simple ideas you (yes, you!) can do at home.

The best fragrance notes for very hot weather

Does your perfume seem to evaporate as soon as the temperature rises? We take a look at the fragrance notes that will hold their own in the hot SA climate.

The best mix-and-match nail colour combinations

Whether you want to wear one colour on your toes and another on your fingers, or rock a two-toned mani, the key to nailing the look is selecting shades that look hot together.

How big is your newborn’s stomach?

It’s common for parents to wonder if their newborn is getting enough to eat. Being able to visualise the size of your baby’s stomach in the early weeks can be very reassuring.

Why does my toddler have nightmares?

From the age of two upwards you may find that your child has nightmares. This can be very scary for a parent, especially if the cause is unknown. Here are a few important things to realise about toddler nightmares. 

Is it too early to start teaching your toddler manners?

The short answer is no, as kids start picking up social cues from a very young age.

Encouraging fine-motor skills through play

Developing fine motor skills - the use of the small muscles that control the hand, fingers and thumb -is very important in your baby's first year. Here's what you can do to encourage it.