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Denture Cushions 2 Pack

Snug Denture Cushions Ever-Soft Plastic Liners 2 Pack are soft and provides cushioned comfort that lasts for weeks. It works to soothe sore gums and makes loose dentures fit firmly. It is also tasteless and odourless.

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Snug Denture Cushions Ever-Soft Plastic Liners 2 Pack

Detailed Description:
Owner of trademark: The Mentholatum Company Inc.

Pack size:
2 cushion pack

Quantity in pack:

Marketing description:
Snug™.2 cushion pack.Denture cushions.Ever-soft plastic liners.Cushioned comfort that lasts for weeks. Soothes sore gums.Makes loose dentures fit firmly.Outlasts messy powders and pastes.No daily changing.Tasteless, odourless.www.mentholatum.co.za.Fits snugly onto upper or lower plates.


Package type:

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Usage instructions:
Snug® denture cushions for false teeth:Take the time to get that Snug® comfort: when placing Snug® cushion in your denture, don't hurry you'll find Snug® well worth the time it takes to properly put it in. Just follow the directions carefully.Snug® holds dentures tight with custom fitted comfort: Snug® denture cushions are different. They're made from material similar to your dentures, but they contain a plasticizing agent which makes them soft, pliable and comfortable in your mouth. Snug® is designed for temporary use to make loose dentures fit firm and tight. Snug® soothes sore gums by improving fit and stability of dentures. Unlike pastes and powders there's no taste. No odour. No mess. Snug® comfort lasts and lasts. (See additional information on this insert).How to use Snug® denture cushions for maximum denture comfort:1. Clean the entire denture thoroughly. Use a denture brush and appropriate cleansing agent. All traces of food, oil or other debris must be removed if the Snug® denture cushion is to adhere properly to your denture.2. Dry the dentures thoroughly so that no moisture remains.(The Snug® denture cushions will not stick to a wet or moist surface.).3. Remove the protective layers from the Snug® denture cushion and place the entire cushion over the denture centering the material so that material extends in all directions.Note: for lower dentures it is easier to apply the cushion if a small "U" shaped piece is cut out with scissors from the center of the cushion. (See diagram).4. Gently shape the cushion with your finger into the denture itself.Take your time to allow the cushion to begin to adhere to the inner surface of the denture. Trim excess corners with scissors.5. Press the cushion down around all the outer edges until a seal is produced between the denture cushion and the denture. All edges must be sealed before the denture is inserted in the mouth to prevent saliva from entering under the cushion which will prevent the cushion from adhering properly to the denture. 6. Trim the excess denture cushion with scissors leaving approximately one-quarter of an inch overlapping the edges.7. Place the denture in your mouth and bite down slowly to allow the denture cushion to fully adapt to your mouth and adhere to the denture. To hasten the shaping of the cushion, you may drink a cup of hot coffee or other hot beverage.8. Once the denture feels secure in your mouth, remove it and complete the trimming of the material from the edge leaving approximately one-eighth of an inch extension in all areas except across the back of the upper denture, which should be trimmed flush with the denture.9. Reinsert the denture and allow it to completely adapt to your mouth.How to clean: dentures fitted with Snug® should be cleaned regularly by brushing under cold water twice a day. Dentures with Snug® denture cushions can be worn all night, or left in water overnight, whichever your dentist prefers.Easy to remove: when replacing your Snug® cushion, merely pull out worn material with fingers. Should it not come out easily, hold under cold water for a few minutes and use any pointed instrument to pick out of crevices or rough places. (Be careful not to scratch denture.) Fit a new cushion as before.The temporary comfort and convenience provided by denture recliners, pads and cushions is not a substitute for proper fitting of the denture by a dentist, who has the necessary special training and tools. Dentures that do not fit properly cause irritation and injury to the gums and faster bone loss which is permanent and may require a completely new denture.Changes in the gums caused by dentures that do not fit properly may require surgery for correction. Continuing irritation and injury may lead to cancer in the mouth. You must see your dentist as soon as possible.

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