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Tommee Tippee

Closer to Nature Manual Breast Pump

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Manual Breast Pump comes with a 150ml bottle and a teat. It has massage ripples that help with milk let down and can be used discreetly due to low noise. It only has three parts, making it easy to assemble and take apart for cleaning.

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Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Manual Breast Pump

Detailed Description:
1x manual breast pump. Closer to Nature® breast pump. www.tommeetippee.com. Manual breast pump, 1x 150ml Closer to Nature bottle and 0M+ slow flow teat (only suitable for use with Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles), steriliser box, 1x milk storage pot and lid, 6x breast pads. Important instructions and contact information included inside this pack. Please read and retain for future reference. The Tommee Tippee patented breast pump has massage ripples that encourage fast, comfortable milk let down. The manual operation means it is discreet and easy to control for a comfortable level of suction and, with just three parts, it's as easy to put together and clean as it is to use. ^Bisphenol A free. Please retain our address for future reference. Mayborn Baby and Child is a trading style of Jackel International Limited. Copyright ©Jackel International Limited 2013. Jackel International Limited retains all intellectual property rights to this product, packaging, and printed or electronic media, including all two and three dimensional designs, graphic images, logos and text. Any manufacture, publication, copying, hiring, lending and reproduction of any materials is strictly prohibited and constitutes infringement. Tommee Tippee and Closer to Nature are registered trademarks of Jackel International Limited. Freedom is a trademark of Jackel International Limited. Teat only suitable for use with Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles. Materials listing: polypropylene, TPE and silicone.

Pack size:
1 Pack

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Marketing description:
Tommee Tippee®. Closer To Nature®. The simplest way to express more milk in complete comfort. Manual breast pump. New. Soft silicone shell. BPA free. .

Tommee Tippee

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Usage instructions:
Closer to Nature® manual breast pump: Please read and retain this important information for future reference. Researched and developed by specialists and breastfeeding experts to express milk for storage and later use. Parts guide (see diagram A): How to put together your Tommee Tippee® breast pump. A. Handle. B. Pump body. C. Bottle neck adaptor. D. Bottle. E. Valve (spare included). F. Cup with massage ripples. G. Concertina. H. Soft collar. Before use ensure the breast pump has been disassembled, washed and sterilised. Disassembling the manual breast pump: 1. Unscrew bottle from bottle neck adaptor. 2. Unscrew bottle neck adaptor from pump body. 3. Pull off valve. 4. Unclip handle and pull to the side for cleaning. It is not essential to take the assembled handle apart. Cleaning and sterilising: Wash in warm soapy water and rinse in clean water or use a dishwasher. Do not clean with solvents or harsh chemicals. Do not allow product to come into contact with oil based foods (e.g. oil/tomato based sauces) as staining will occur. Suitable for all forms of sterilisation. Follow the steriliser manufacturer's instructions. If using the steriliser box follow instructions in section "using the steriliser box". For sterilising the breast pump it is not essential to take the assembled handle apart. Assembling the manual breast pump (see diagram B): 1. Ensure all parts of breast pump have been washed and sterilised. 2. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the pump. 3. Push and click handle into place. 4. It is possible for the valve to seal closed during storage and cleaning. Before each use remember to clean & squeeze the valve to open. 5. Push valve into place at the bottom of the pump body. 6. Attach the bottle neck adaptor to the bottle. Using the manual breast pump: 1. Wash your hands before touching the breast pump or your breasts and avoid touching inside the breast pump or the storage pot. 2. Find a comfortable chair where you can relax. 3. Hold the pump in whichever hand is most comfortable. Press the cup firmly against your breast so that it creates a seal all the way round. If air can get in there will be no suction. 4. Gently squeeze the handle and you will feel the suction. Release the handle and allow it to return to its resting position. Releasing the handle opens the valve so that the milk can flow into the bottle. Try to imitate the rhythm of your baby as he sucks. You won't need to squeeze hard - just as much as is comfortable. When you first start expressing milk, use the pump for only 3-5 minutes on each breast. Over time you will be able to build up to 10-15 minutes on each breast. 5. You can help stimulate your milk flow by gently stroking your breast. 6. Your milk will start to be released in drops and will gradually build up to a stream. First you will release your "fore" milk, a thin yellowish liquid. This will be followed by your "hind" milk which resembles skimmed milk. Don't worry that it looks thin and watery - both fore and hind milk are ideal for your baby and rich in nutrients. 7. The amount of milk you express and the time it takes will vary - don't worry, this is normal. Usually you will express 30-75mls (1-3 oz) at a time, and it may take up to 30 minutes to drain full breasts. The first few times you express, the quantity may be less than this. 8. After use, take the pump apart and wash it to remove milk deposits. You do not need to sterilise your pump until you are ready to use it again. 9. Cover and store the expressed milk for later use. For hygiene reasons this product cannot be returned once opened unless faulty. Helpful advice: The best time to use your breast pump is after the first feed of the day (unless otherwise advised by your breastfeeding advisor). Be comfortable and relax, e.g. watch the TV or have your favourite music playing. Remember you are only trying to express milk from just behind the nipple - strong suction is not necessary. If water gets inside the concertina part during sterilisation, simply lift the handle slightly and pour out the water. If the concertina comes away from the soft collar, just push it back into place. There should be no pain using your breast pump. If you feel pain, try using the pump more gently. Then examine your breasts. If there are any red or hot areas contact your breastfeeding advisor as soon as possible. Do not continue to use the pump once your milk has stopped flowing. Wash all breastfeeding equipment after use and before sterilisation. The Closer to Nature® manual breast pump can only be used with Tommee Tippee® Closer to Nature® bottles. A separate instruction sheet on how to clean and sterilise the Tommee Tippee® Closer to Nature® bottle is enclosed. Please read and retain this important information for future reference. Using the steriliser box: The sterilising box has been specifically designed to microwave steam sterilise all of your breastfeeding equipment quickly and efficiently. To use: 1. Pour 100ml of water into sterilising box. 2. Load upturned bottle, disassembled breast pump and any accessories. 3. Securely fit box lid. 4. Open valve, on lid of box. 5. Place steriliser box in microwave. 6. Follow instructions according to microwave output. 7. Caution: to avoid risk of burning, always ensure box is cool to touch before lifting out. 8. Immediately fit valve on lid to make box airtight and sterile. Wattage - full power - cooling time. Under 800 W - 6 minutes - 3 minutes. Over 850 W - 4 minutes - 3 minutes. Using the breast milk storage system (see diagram C): For use with the Tommee Tippee® Closer to Nature® breast pumps. How to use: 1. Ensure pot is clean and sterilised. 2. Place pot inside of bottle. 3. Screw bottle onto bottle neck adaptor and continue to follow assembly of beast pump instructions 4. When the breast pump is fully assembled and in usage, the pot will hold up to 60ml/2 oz. 5. Once you have expressed 60ml stop pumping, place lid on storage pot and remove from bottle. 6. Store pot in either the fridge or freezer. See storage guide below. 7. If you want to continue expressing, either insert another clean and sterilised pot or express directly into the bottle of the breast pump. Storage of breast milk: Method of storing milk - use within. Room temperature 25 degrees C - 6 hours. Refrigerated at 5-10 degrees C - 3 days. Refrigerated at 0-4 degrees C - 6 days. Refrigerated before freezing - 24 hours. Once frozen - 6 months. Defrosted before feeding - 12 hours. Remember: Never defrost or heat milk in a microwave. Never refreeze breast milk. Once defrosted, the milk should be kept in the fridge and used within 12 hours. Do not boil breast milk. Throw away any leftover milk after a feed. a. You will notice that stored milk separates out into layers. Shake to remix thoroughly before feeding. b. When freezing milk, allow space at the top of the bottle for expansion. It is easiest to freeze milk in individual feed quantities of 60-125ml (2-4 oz). c. Thaw frozen milk in the fridge or by standing the bottle in luke warm water until it has reached body temperature. d. If you want to take expressed milk with you when you are out, make sure it stays cold or frozen until needed. Using breast milk storage system as a sippy cup: 1. If milk has been chilled, remove lid and place in warm water to heat to temperature required. Always check food temperature before feeding. 2. Hold cup up to baby's mouth and gently tip to allow baby to sip from cup. Cleaning and sterilising: Before first use, clean the product. Clean before each use. Always wash the product immediately after use. Wash in warm soapy water and rinse in clean water or use a dishwasher. Do not clean with solvents or harsh chemicals. Do not allow product to come into contact with oil based foods (e.g. oil/tomato based sauces) as staining will occur. Suitable for all forms of sterilisation.

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3.2 from 5 reviews Write a review
Yiso 4.0
Anonymous reviewer , 27 Aug 2019

I can recommend this breast pump without a doubt, when I returned to work 2 months after birth of my first baby, I pumped for 12 months without using a formula, with one manual breast pump( tommee teppee). My second baby is 4 months old and I'm breast feeding exclusively with the assistance of the same old breast pump and still working effectively.

Nuk manual breast pump 1.0
Anonymous reviewer , 26 Jun 2019

I bought this last month what a waste of money. It is not working for me at all I ended up stop using it. I will not recommend it to anyone.

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