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Magnesium & Zinc 30 Effervescent Tablets

Ultimag Magnesium & Zinc 30 Effervescent Tablets is indicated to help with magnesium and zinc deficiencies in the body, and provide additional nutrients for pregnant and breastfeeding women, sports people, people on diuretics, heavy bleeders and diabetics.

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Ultimag Effervescent Chelated Lemon Flavoured 30 Effervescent Tablets

Detailed Description:
Scheduling status: not scheduled. Proprietary name (and dosage form): Ultimag effervescent tablets. Artificially sweetened with acesulfame K, saccharin and cyclamate. Pharmacological classification: A 32.2 other (supplementary medicines). Indications: For the supplementation of magnesium and zinc in cases of insufficient intake. Identification: Light-yellow effervescent tablets. The tablets effervesce in cold water to produce a yellow carbonated drink with a fresh lemon taste and smell. Presentation: Ultimag effervescent tablets are supplied in plastic tubes each containing 15 tablets, and in a carton (30 tablets). Additional patient information: The symptoms of hypomagnesaemia (too little magnesium in your body) are, tiredness, lethargy, depression, poor sleeping habits, muscle cramps and tremors. Most people who require a magnesium supplement will also require a zinc supplement: 1. People who require more magnesium and zinc are, pregnant and lactating women. 2. People who take in less magnesium and zinc are heavy drinkers and people on weight loss diets. 3. People who use or lose more magnesium and zinc are, sportspeople, people on diuretics, heavy bleeders and diabetics. (Diabetics should take Ultimag under doctor's supervision as it could lower diabetic therapy requirements). Ultimag effervescent tablets are unique because the magnesium and zinc are in a soluble chelated form. Research results have shown that chelates yield more than double the absorption of magnesium and zinc when compared to the salts usually present in other supplements: 1. Chelates are formed when the magnesium and zinc are bound to carefully selected amino acids. 2. The body absorbs the chelates differently to mineral salts. That explains the enhanced minerals absorption. 3. The dosage for Ultimag effervescent tablets is therefore only one to two tablets daily for adults and half to one tablet for children, preferably at night. 4. Once absorbed, the body's enzyme systems free the mineral from the chelate structure for the cells to utilize. 5. Not all amino acid chelates are the same. Ultimag effervescent tablets use patented soluble chelates for maximum absorption. 6. Ultimag effervescent tablets are a pleasant lemon flavoured drink when dissolved in a glass of water. 7. It is easy to administer Ultimag effervescent tablets to children and the elderly. 8. Ultimag effervescent tablets do not contain any: Sugar. Gelatine or any animal products. Tartrazine or any artificial colourants.

Pack size:
30 effervescent tablets

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Marketing description:
Ultimag. Effervescent tablets. Mg. Zn. Chelated. Soluble magnesium & zinc. 30 effervescent tablets. Lemon-flavoured. Sugar free.


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Usage instructions:
Dosage and directions for use: Adults: take 1 to 2 tablets dissolved in water daily. Children: half to one tablet dissolved in water daily.

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