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Sinex Decongestant Nasal Spray 15ml

Contains active ingredients including Oxymetazoline

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Otc Product Info

Vicks Sinex Decongestant Nasal Spray 15 ml

Detailed Description:
Composition:Each 15 ml contains:Oxymetazoline hydrochloride 7.50 mg.Preservatives:Benzalkonium chloride - 0.02% m/v.(Mixture of alkyldimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides).Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.054% m/v.(Aqueous solution containing hexamethylene chlorophenyl biguanide digluconates).Customer care line 0860 112 188 (sharecall charged at local rates).Proprietary name and (dosage form):Vicks Sinex decongestant nasal spray (Solution).Pharmacological classification:A.16.1 Nasal Decongestant.Pharmacological action:Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride is a direct acting sympathomimetic amine, causing vaso-constriction when applied to the nasal mucosa.Indications:Vicks Sinex decongestant nasal spray is indicated for the temporary relief of nasal congestion due to the common cold, sinusitis, hay fever, and other upper respiratory allergies.Identification:A clear liquid with a colourless to very slight yellowish coloration, free from particulate and suspended matter. It has a characteristic aromatic odour and foams on shaking.Presentation:Plastic spray bottle containing 15 ml or a 15 ml amber glass bottle mounted with a metering unit.

Pack size:
15 ml

Quantity in pack:

Marketing description:
Vicks.Vicks sinex.Decongestant nasal spray.Sinus relief.Fast, long lasting relief.Pump action.15 ml.


Package type:

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Usage instructions:
Dosage and directions for use:Adults and children over 6 years:1 to 2 sprays up each nostril every 8 to 12 hours.Do not use continuously for more than 3 days unless advised differently by a doctor.To use: hold bottle upright, insert into nostril, press down pump spray. After spraying, breathe in deeply through the nose.To use plastic squeeze bottle: Hold bottle Aright, insert into nostril, give bottle a quick harp squeeze. After spraying, breathe in deeply through the nose.To use glass bottle with pump spray Hold bottle upright, insert into nostril, press down pump spray. After spraying, breathe in deeply through the nose.

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Oxymetazoline Hcl 0.05% Nasal Spray

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