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Color Coded Combo Clipper Kit 20 Piece

Wahl Color Coded Combo Clipper Kit 20 Piece is a must-have grooming kit that comes with colour coded guide combs and self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades for easy, hassle free haircutting. For quick touch-ups, use the trimmer.

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Wahl Color Code Combo Haircutting Kit 20 Pieces

Detailed Description:
Remember your perfect cut every time with color coded guide combs.Longer lengths guide combs #6-8.Medium lengths guide combs #4-5.Shorter lengths guide combs #1-3.Compact for touch ups & trims.1 AA battery required (not included).Self sharpening blades.Color coded key.Durable long-lasting motor.The standard of quality.Finely ground.Sharp, precision-ground blades mean smooth cutting.Visit: www.wahlglobal.com.Product in package may not be exactly the same as photo due to continuous improvements to the product.©2014 Wahl Clipper corporation.Wahl® is a registered trademark of Wahl Clipper Corporation.Save these instructions:This clipper has been designed for household use.A- Bottom blade.B- Blade slide (on multi-cut (MC) clipper only).C- Taper lever (on multi-cut (MC) clipper only).D- Switch.E- Top blade.F- Power screw.©2013 Wahl Clipper Corporation.Printed in China.Guarantee:1. In addition to the claims under the law and/or contract of sale which arise from material defects, the rights arising from this guarantee are granted by the seller to the customer. These rights shall not be limited by the guarantee.2. Wahl GmbH guarantees its small electrical appliances be free of any defects.Parts that are subject to wear and tear such as shaver foils, drive components, blade sets, attachment brushes, batteries or battery cells are not included in this guarantee.The guarantee is excluded if:The appliance has been misused or treated carelessly.The appliance has been damaged due to excessive stress, incorrect use or external influence.The defect has been caused by failure to observe the operating instructions.A repair or a repair attempt has been carried out by personnel other than that of a Wahl GmbH factory or of an authorised point of sale.3. The guarantee period is subject to the length of the statutory period of limitation for material defects of the domestic law of the country in which the appliance has been purchased; however, the maximum guarantee period is 3 years.The period shall commence at the time of delivery of the appliance from the seller to the purchaser.The place of purchase and the date of delivery shall be proven by submitting proof of purchase, for example, the sales receipt, invoice, delivery note or similar document.4. Wahl GmbH shall eliminate at no additional cost any defects that occur during the guarantee period if we are notified in writing within three weeks of their occurrence. Repairs will be carried out at a Wahl GmbH factory or at a point of sale authorised by Wahl GmbH. Wahl GmbH is entitled to remedy the defect by delivery of a appliance identical in construction. Further claims of the customer arising from this guarantee, particularly claims for reimbursement of expenses, reduction, compensation for damages or the right of withdrawal, shall be excluded. Statutory or other contractual claims arising from material defects shall remain unaffected.The guarantee period shall not be extended if services are performed under the terms of the guarantee.5. The parts replaced when carrying out the repairs under warranty or the appliance retained in case of replacement delivery shall become property of Wahl GmbH.6. If our customer services are called upon without due cause, Wahl GmbH shall be entitled to charge the costs incurred to the customer.7. In case any defects occur, please contact your dealer or the service centre in your country.

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1 Pack

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Marketing description:
Wahl®.Home products.Color Code™ combo.Color coded haircutting kit.2-year warranty.Smooth cutting self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades.Color coded guide combs for quick and easy identification.No hassle haircutting, plug in and cut for continuous power.Trimmer ideal for detailing and touch-ups.20 pieces.The Brand Used by Professionals®.


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Usage instructions:
Intended for household use only.Clipper maintenance:Your Wahl clipper blades were oiled and aligned before leaving our factory; however, it is possible for blades to get bumped out of alignment. Blades must be realigned if they have been removed for cleaning or replacement. To determine if realignment is necessary, compare your clipper blades with diagram G.1. If your clipper has a taper lever, position the taper lever in the close cut position. (H).2. End of top blade teeth should be approximately 1/32" (.64 mm) back from bottom blade. This is important so that the clipper does not cut too close or allow the moving cutter to touch the skin.3. Extreme left-hand tooth of top blade must be covering or to the left of the first small tooth of bottom blade.4. Extreme right-hand tooth of top blade must be touching the big tooth on the bottom blade.If blade alignment is incorrect, add a few drops of Wahl clipper oil to the blades, turn clipper "on" for a few moments, turn "off" and unplug. Loosen screws slightly and adjust (steps 2-4 listed above). Tighten screws after blades are aligned. Other than blades this clipper has no user serviceable parts.Oil: (J).The blades of your new clipper should be oiled every few haircuts. Simply place a few drops of Wahl clipper oil on the teeth of the blades. Use only the Wahl clipper oil included in the pack. Due to the high speed of your Wahl clipper, the correct type of oil must be used. Do not use hair oil, grease or any oil mixed with kerosene or any solvent, as the solvent will evaporate and leave the thick oil, slowing down the blades. Wahl clipper oil is a very thin, natural oil which will not evaporate and will not slow down the blades.Power screw (not found on all models of Wahl clippers):If your clipper has a power screw, it has been adjusted for peak efficiency before leaving the factory. However, if voltage in your home is low, you may need to readjust it.To adjust power, use the plastic brush, a screwdriver or a thin coin to turn power screw in a clockwise direction until the arm strikes the coil, making a noise Then, slowly turn power screw out (counterclockwise), just until noise stops. This is the maximum power setting. (K).Cord:The cord should not be used to pull the clipper. Since freedom of movement needs to be maintained, care should be used to-keep the cord untwisted and unobstructed. When stored, the cord should be coiled and the unit placed in original box or-storage pouch (if provided).If your clipper has a polarized plug: to reduce the risk of electric shock this appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). This plug fits in a polarized outlet only one way. In the event the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. In the event it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician to install the proper outlet. Do not change the plug in any way.Taper lever (not found on all models of Wahl clippers):If your clipper has an adjustable taper lever, it is conveniently located near your thumb (if you're right-handed), so it can easily be adjusted while the clipper is in your hand.The taper lever adds versatility to your clipper by allowing you to gradually change the closeness of your cut without a guide comb. When the lever is in the uppermost position, the blades will give you the closest cut and leave the hair very short. Pushing the lever downward gradually increases the cutting length. In its lowest position, the taper lever will leave the hair approximately the same length as the 1/8" guide comb.The taper lever will also extend the use of your blades since a different cutting edge is used in each setting. In addition, if extremely heavy haircutting has jammed the blades, it will help you remove hair that has become wedged between the two blades without removing the blades. While the clipper is running, rapidly move the lever from "close cut" to "longer cut" a couple of times. Doing this each time you've finished using your clipper will help keep the blades clear of cut hair. If your clipper stops cutting and this does not help, your cutting blades may be dull. Either replace them or return them to Wahl for sharpening.Wahl's guide to foolproof home haircutting:Before you cut your hair:1. Your clipper should be clean, oiled and in perfect working condition.2. If your kit includes a plastic cape, place it around the neck, tying the strings and overlapping the cape portion to prevent hair from falling down inside the collar. If no cape is provided, a towel will do nicely.3. Position the person whose hair is to be cut on a stool or chair so that the top of his head is about even with your eyes.4. After combing the hair to remove all tangles, hold the clipper in a relaxed, comfortable grip, with the nameplate under the palm near your index finger. This grip will help you maintain comfortable, accurate cutting control.Note: to attach guide combs, hold comb with the teeth up. Snap guide comb attachment firmly to the bottom of the clipper blade. (L).Depending on the kit you purchased your kit may include one of the following:Adjustable guide combs - allowing multiple cutting lengths in the convenience of a single comb.Individual black guide combs - providing predetermined lengths indicated on each guide comb.Individual color guide combs - providing predetermined lengths indicated on each guide comb. Combs are also color coded for quick cutting length reference.Using adjustable guide combs:The small adjustable guide comb has five settings from 1/8" to 5/8" (3mm to 16mm) in 1/8" (3mm) increments. (M).The large adjustable guide comb has five settings from 3/4" to 1-1/4" (19mm to 32mm) in 1/8" (3mm) increments. (N).Using your thumb, you can change the length of the cut by simply sliding the adjustable lever to the next position. Both adjustable guide combs have positive click stops and indicators that show position number and cutting length in millimetres for quick and easy setting identification.The large adjustable guide comb can be used from the ear to the crown of the head. (01).The small adjustable guide comb can be used from the nape of the neck to the ear area. (02).Using individual (black or colored) guide combs:Some kits do not include all Wahl guide combs. However, any of these combs (or additional accessories not listed here) may be available from your dealer or can be ordered directly from Wahl.Individual guide comb listing:3 mm - Black/red.10 mm - Black/dark blue.16mm - Black/yellow.22 mm - Black/green.31 mm - Black/white.Right ear taper - black only.6mm - Black/purple.13 mm - Black/orange/pink.19 mm - Black/lavender.25 mm - Black/light blue.38 mm - Black only.Left ear taper - black only.Cutting hair:For medium to long cuts: (P).The first time you cut the hair, cut only a small amount until you become accustomed to how long each guide comb leaves the hair. Always start by placing the largest guide comb on the clipper, then use shorter combs (or settings - if using adjustable guide combs) if a shorter length is desired.Remember, between professional haircuts, the hair grows evenly all over the head and a light trimming at the lower neck and sides may be all that is needed to bring back that neat, well-groomed look.For uniform cutting, allow the clipper to cut its way through the hair. Do not force it through at a faster rate.1. Start by combing the hair so it falls into its natural direction.2. Place the largest guide comb onto your clipper and start by trimming the sides from the bottom upwards. Hold the clipper lightly against the hair, with teeth of the guide comb pointing up but flat against the head. Slowly lift the clipper up and outward through the hair, cutting only a small amount at a time.Repeat around sides and back of head.If you desire shorter hair, either change to a shorter guide comb (or setting - if using adjustable guide combs) or apply more pressure and less lift away from head with the present attachment.This entire procedure requires practice, and it is always better to leave too much hair the first few haircuts.For the top of the head, you will give a fairy short cut if you use the 1" guide comb (if your kit includes the 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" guide comb, you may use this for a slightly longer cut.) With the teeth flat against the head, slowly start trimming from the front to the back. Again, it is better to leave the hair longer the first few haircuts.For longer hair on top:By not using a guide comb, a longer cut can be achieved. Use either a barber comb or a regular comb and lift the hair on top of the head, cutting over the comb, or grasp the hair between the lingers and cut to desired length. Continue this procedure from the front to the back of the head, gradually cutting the hair shorter by reducing the space between the comb or fingers and the head. Comb frequently to remove trimmed hair and check for uneven strands.Tapering around ears:Using left and right ear guide combs.The left and right ear guide combs have a built in taper ranging from 1/8" to 1/2". By following the outline of the ear with the appropriate comb you achieve a gradual taper and blending without having to use multiple combs.To taper the area bordering the left ear:Attach the left ear taper comb to your clipper and stand facing the left ear. While holding the clipper at a slight angle against the head, position the guide comb just back of the left ear at the hairline. Then move the clipper in a small half circle pattern around the left ear toward the front of the head. Depending on the length of hair you are working with you may need to take several small strokes as you proceed around the ear. When doing so, slowly move the clipper upward and outward being mindful of the ear. This will allow you to guide hair into the comb towards the clipper blades.Note: You may also achieve a tapering of sideburns by including the sideburn area as you begin to move the clipper around the ear.To taper the area bordering the right ear:Attach the right ear guide comb to your clipper. Stand facing the right ear and repeat the process described above for the left ear.Finish by outlining the area around the ear as described in the following section.Outlining: (Q).No attachments are needed. (On a multi-cut clipper, push the taper lever up to the "close-cut" position). Comb hair into desired style. Starting between the ear and the sideburns, as shown at left, hold dipper with corner edge of blade against the hairline. Slowly follow the desired outline of the hair over, around and behind the ears. For defining side-burns and the back of the neck, hold the clipper upside down, against the skin at the desired length and move down.Comb hair and check that sides are even. Check for uneven spots throughout the haircut.Crew cuts and short cuts (R):Starting with the longest guide comb, cut from the back of the neck to the crown. Hold the guide comb flat against the head and slowly move the clipper through the hair, as shown.Use the same procedure from the lower side to the upper side of the head, as shown. Then cut the hair against the direction in which it grows, from the front to the crown, and even up the cut with the sides.To give a "flattop" look, the hair on top of the head must be cut over the top of a flat comb, rather than using the guide comb.Use closer-cutting guide combs to "taper" the hair down to the neckline, as desired. Comb hair and check for uneven spots. Outline sideburns and neckline as previously described.If a short, tapered cut on the sides and back is desired, follow diagram S.The five basic areas illustrated on the Wahl haircutting guide are your "road map" to easy, do-it-yourself haircutting. For tips on the latest trends and fashions in haircutting, visit us at www.wahl.com.

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