5 Things to know before you darken your hair colour

06 November 2019 | by Justine Hewitt

Brunettes are ruling the runways at the moment and there’s nothing quite like a glossy head of dark and shiny locks to boost your confidence.


Before you head for the hairdresser or the hair dye aisle to make that move to darker tresses, take a moment to consider some must-know information first. 

Natural choice 

It’s a big thing to make a drastic change to brunette, especially if you’re fair and your hair is lighter in colour. “It’s essential to take your natural colour into consideration. We advise our clients not to go the furthest point with their first colour change, so if you’re wanting to become a brunette and you’re blonde, maybe consider going light brown first”, says hairdresser Yolande Jooste.

It’s a skin thing 

Jooste adds, “Your skin tone and whether it’s warm or on the cooler scale is an important factor to take into consideration when going dark”, she explains. A warm tone needs a chestnut or reddish hue, while those with a cool tone do well with a mid-brown or a warm black. Not sure what skin tone you are? Look at a vein on your arm under a natural light – if it looks green you are likely warm toned and if it looks blue than warm tones are probably best for you. 

Grey matters 

“The more grey hair you have, the quicker the regrowth will show if you’re not a natural brunette”, says Jooste, “you’ll likely need to colour your hair every six weeks to cover up those telltale silver strands”. Don’t lose hope, though - an easy way to distract from grey regrowth is to add a few highlights to darker hair. 

Proper product 

Hair that’s been colour treated tends to need more care – luckily going dark adds more pigment to the hair and can actually strengthen it. “Making sure you look after your hair with a quality product really makes a difference to maintaining hair colour and health. I always recommend a treatment at least every second time you colour your hair”, says Jooste. 

Don’t skip your prep

Did you know if you give your hair a conditioning mask treatment a few days before colouring it, the colour will take better? “The healthier the condition of your hair, the better suited it is to a successful hair colouring session”, says Yolande. 



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