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NESTLÉ CERELAC® provides a range of cereal based infant foods crafted with your growing baby in mind.

The NESTLÉ CERELAC® range of Infant cereals are ideal for weaning your baby onto solid foods as well as introducing new flavours and textures.

  • Nestlé CERELAC® is free from artificial flavours*
  • Nestlé CERELAC® is free from artificial colours*
  • Nestlé CERELAC® is free from preservatives*

Available from 6 months onwards

*As is the case with all baby foods.

Also available in the range is the new NESTLÉ CERELAC® Organic Selection from 6 months. This Nestlé Cerelac Organic Selection Cereals Wheat Oat and Banana from 12 – 36 months is made from organic grains and fruits grown naturally, preserving their intrinsic goodness by not using artificial substances.

NESTLÉ CERELAC® PUFFS are the new range in the baby snacks category. NESTLÉ CERELAC® Puffs is a delicious snack specially designed to bring meaningful benefits to snack time for young children from 12 months onwards. These delicious snacks are available in Savoury Spinach and Savoury tomato flavour.