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OHASA endorsement of Oral-B

The Oral Hygienist Association of South Africa (OHASA) has endorsed several Oral-B technologies designed specifically to prevent oral disease and maintain good oral health.

OHASA’s endorsement extends to Oral-B’s range of Power toothbrushes, the Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste and the 16° angulation of the Oral-B Pro-Expert manual toothbrushes.

Stella Lamprecht, OHASA President, believes people are increasingly looking for oral healthcare products that genuinely work, are readily available and are time efficient to suit their busy lives.

Oral B

Oral-B range

  • Oral-B

    Kids Power Toothbrush Mickey Mouse

    R 64995
  • Oral-B

    Floss Action Replacement Brush Heads 2 Pack

    R 23000
  • Oral-B

    Pro-Expert All Around Protection Toothpaste Fresh Mint 75ml

    R 4995
  • Oral-B

    1-2-3 Toothbrush Medium

    R 1049
  • Oral-B

    Superfloss Dental Floss Regular 50 Strips

    R 9995
  • Oral-B

    3-Effects Natural Fresh Manual Toothbrush Medium

    R 3199