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Gillette Venus Swirl

The revolutionary handle, designed for women._With attractive filigree pattern 12 components in the handle, 5 of them to enable the FlexiBall™ movement.

Specifically designed for a woman's shaving experience. Looks different, moves different and is completely different than the male Gillette Fusion Proglide with FlexBall™  technology.

Combined with the new Venus Swirl Contour™ blades. LCF Contour™ blades are our most advanced Gillette blades: They are thinner and finer, reducing the cutting force of the blades.
The new MicroFine Comb™ guides the hairs towards our most advanced Gillette Contour™ blades to virtually get every hair.

Gillette Venus Swirl

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    Platinum Extra Smooth Razor

    R 194.99
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    Sensitive Extra Smooth Razor

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    Sensitive Extra Smooth Cartridges 4's

    R 304.99

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    Comfortglide With Olay Razor

    R 159.99
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    Divine Cartridges 4's

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