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Pampers Premium

Breathable: special micropores let fresh air in and humid air out.
Soft like cotton: uses specially made gentle-to-the-touch material.
Up to 12 hours of dryness: Pampers DryMax core absorbs and retains liquids.
Baby Lotion: helps protect baby's delicate skin.
Wetness Indicator: turns blue on sizes 1, 2, 3.
Navel Friendly Shape: for baby's first days.
Absorbs runny mess: with a special Honeycomb layer - sizes 1, 2, 3.


Pampers Pants

2 Dry-zones: quickly absorb liquids and lock them away from baby’s skin.
All-around fit: stretchy waistband and leg cuffs adapt to baby’s movements for a perfect fit in all positions
Breathable: Micropores enable vapors to travel from inside to outside the diaper to help baby stay dry.
Soft like cotton: crafted with soft like cotton* materials for baby to feel comfortable in underwear-like pants.
*product does not contain cotton


Pampers Active

Absorbent Micro Pearls™: absorb up to 30 times their weight*.
Stretchy sides: adapt to baby's movements and provides a comfortable fit for reliable leakage protection
Top Dry Layer: is in constant contact with baby's skin, pulls liquid away and dries up as fast as possible
Extra Sleep Layer: quickly absorbs the wetness and spreads it evenly across the core.
Breathable outer cover: helps baby's skin breathe.

*vs all other national brands


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