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Fab highlighters for dark skin tones

06 November 2019 | Tumi Moletsane

Chalky cheeks, be gone! Shine like the star you are with our pick of fantastic highlighters for dark skin tones.


From rainbows to strobing and holographic hues, the highlighter trend has come a long way since its introduction into our everyday makeup routines. In the beginning, many of these illuminating products weren’t geared to those who fell out of the pearl or silver category – leaving most women with darker skin tones looking ashy or chalky. But thankfully, many makeup brands have finally begun releasing products that look good on women with dark skin.

Pick the right formula

When done right, highlighter can give you that lit-from-within glow everyone strives for.  Done wrong, and you look like you just wrapped a scene from the Twilight Saga. According to makeup artist Megan Hüsler, when it comes to picking out the best highlighter for your skin, you need to look out for three things: product texture, skin type and skin tone. “For skin types that are very dry or have a lot of texture, I'd be more inclined to use a cream-based product, as it doesn’t draw attention to dry patches or any textural issues you may have,” says Megan. “For normal or oiler skin types, go for a powder.” 

Find your perfect shade

Now that you know what texture you should be going for, how do you go about choosing the right shade of shimmer? Well, you wouldn’t buy a foundation that’s three times lighter than your natural tone (because sometimes the ‘90s should stay in the ‘90s). The same principle should apply to your highlighter. “There’s nothing worse than an ashy appearance, so be sure to choose your correct shade carefully,” says Megan. “Silver and white hues work best for lighter skin tones, but will make darker tones look grey. Instead, focus on champagne or bronze shades if you lean more towards caramel; while gold is better suited to deep-dark tones.” These not only match your skin tone, but they also give you a pretty sheen that’s not too overpowering for daytime wear.


IMAGE CIREDIT: 123rf.com

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