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Genius hacks to give your hair va-va-volume

08 November 2019 | By Leigh van den Berg

Most people want a fuller-looking head of hair but if you’ve got thin, fine strands or simply not enough of them, it can be a challenge. We’re here to help.


Looking for ways to plump up what you’ve got? We share a few styling tricks that can create the illusion of body and bounce. 

Bouncy beginnings

Thicker-looking hair starts in the shower. If you’re using a shampoo or conditioner that’s more suited to dryer or frizzy hair types, or even hair that’s been coloured, it might contain silicones and oils. These are fine in small doses, but they can build up after several washes and weigh your hair down. This is why it’s a good idea to occasionally use a clarifying shampoo or simply switch to a duo that specifically promises to volumise. 

Style it up 

The way you use your hair dryer can have a big impact on volume - or lack of it. If you hold it above your head and direct the air straight down, it’ll flatten the roots and create a blowout that’s sleek but limp. 

To help lift your roots and thus create a more voluminous look, hair stylist and salon owner Candice Donadel suggests the following: “Apply a golf ball-sized amount of mousse to the roots of wet hair and blow dry it upside down to lift them up and create a fuller look.”

Secret weapons

Mousse aside, there are other ways to pump up the volume. Spritzing dry shampoo onto the roots of clean hair can have a volumising effect. 

You could also use a “plumping product” that contains fibres and proteins that temporarily fill and expand the diameter of your hair to create the illusion of having more of it. Simply apply them to wet hair and let it dry naturally or get jiggy wth your hairdryer for an added root boost. 


IMAGE CREDIT: 123rf.com

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