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Hairspray, mousse and gel: When to use what

08 November 2019 | By Reneé Fortune

With so many hair styling products out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. An expert shares his advice on when and how to use three of our go-tos.


Whether yours is fine, thick, long or short, there’s quite literally a product for any kind of hair. Hairspray, mousse and gel or wax, are three of our favourites, especially for quick fixes between visits to the hairdresser. But which product do you use and when? We asked for advice from expert Gary Rom, CEO of Gary Rom Hairdressing. 

When to use hairspray

“Ask yourself one question: Does my hairstyle last the whole day? If not, you could do with hairspray,” Gary explains. “With today's trends, most of us still want our hair to move – gone are the days of helmet hair. Ask your stylist to help you choose the appropriate hairspray to make your life easier. It can give your style the support it needs to last.”

When to use mousse

“I would definitely say that fine hair can benefit the most from the right mousse. You have to think of styling like building a house. On the wet hair, you create the foundation. The right mousse used in the right way can give you that added volume on the roots to lift your style to the next level. Then, hairspray gives it the hold to last longer than it ever will naturally,” said Gary.

Gel or wax?

“Gel gives a wetter, super firm hold, where a wax gives you a dry look,” Gary says. “Gel has a tendency to make the strands of hair stick together. Wax separates the strands giving more texture to your look while still providing the hold you need. I will almost always reach for a wax over a gel.”

IMAGE CREDIT: 123rf.com

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