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How to choose the perfect fragrance as a gift

04 December 2020 | By Helen Clemson

A gorgeous fragrance makes for a special gift, but choosing one is not always easy. Follow these tips to find your special someone the perfect scent.


Whether it’s a birthday gift for your bestie or a Mother’s Day present, a beautiful bottle of fragrance is a no-brainer. However, when confronted with dozens of flacons in the scent aisle, you’ll be forgiven for suddenly feeling overwhelmed by the buying decision you have to make. To make it easier, we spoke to Candice-Lee Kannemeyer, beauty expert and founder of the blog In My Bag, about how to select a scent for someone else. 

Find out what scents they already like

Before you hit the store, do some simple research – find out what fragrance they currently wear and start from there. Candice recommends you research the scent notes in their existing fragrance and look for similar ones in a new perfume. “The safest option is to look for something that includes notes they like,” says Candice. “If your mom loves a classic like Chanel No. 5, for instance, look for updated or limited-edition versions of the scent.” 

Get them involved

While an element of surprise is always exciting as the gift-giver, some people in your life may prefer receiving something that they request. After all, who wants to have to pretend to really like something? For men, the best way to gift them a new scent is to let them try it on and wear it for a while. Instead of dragging them on a shopping expedition, Candice suggests bringing the fragrance home. “Ask for a few samples of scents you like, spritz them on him and get his opinion,” she advises. 

Be brand loyal 

While it’s a nice thought to give someone something totally new, it’s a daunting process when it’s a big-spend item. Keep things simple by taking your cue from fragrance houses or brands the receiver is a fan of. If your best friend loves Jimmy Choo or Calvin Klein, for instance, therein lies your answer. “I’d look at a new launch from a brand she loves, possibly even a limited-edition version,” says Candice. 

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