How to get the hair colour you want - without the damage

06 November 2019 | By Anna-Bet Stemmet

Ready to make a brave colour move with your hair? We chat to a professional hairdresser to help you get the colour you want – without the damage.


If you’ve ever taken the plunge from one hair colour to another, you’ll know the process can be nerve-wrecking. Sure, there are a few brave folks out there who make decisions like these on the fly, but for most of us it’s a decision that requires a lot of deliberation, Googling and a Pinterest board or two. It’s kind of a big deal. 

This is why it’s so important that you make solid decisions when you’re in the market for a new hair colour. We caught up with Deidré Geldenhuys, owner and head stylist at Piatra's Hair Design to chat colour. Here are her top tips for getting the hair colour you want - without the damage.

Get it done at a salon

“The best way to colour without damage is to go to a hairdresser,” says Deidré. “Go to the salon, we beg of you! Box dyes are very harsh, and the amount of colour corrections we had to do lately has been incredible.”

Use social media to do your research on stylists

Let's say you decide you're ready to take the plunge and decide you want beautiful balayage, but you don't know which stylist will ace the look - what do you do? According to Deidré, this is the perfect time to leverage the reach of social media.

“Do your research. Ask a few friends about their stylists, and get some opinions online. This is the magic of social media these days - you can look up Facebook pages and see what a stylist is capable of. We're all on Facebook or Instagram these days, so you can check if the colour you have in mind has been done by a given stylist,” explains Deidré. 

Take along inspo pictures

“Take along inspo photos when you visit your stylist,” says Deidré. “In fact, take a lot. You can use one to show the colour you like, another to show the movement effect you prefer, etc. Just remember that these are inspiration photos; your cut and colour will never be a carbon copy of that image. It provides your stylist with direction, but they cannot change your face or bone structure.”

Listen to your stylist’s advice

“Not everything is a quick fix - trust the process,” advises Deidré. “If your stylist tells you something is not possible in one session, trust their expertise. I normally list the pros and cons of a given colour for my clients before a major colour service. If your stylist doesn't do so of their own accord, ask them whether it will suit your budget, what the upkeep and maintenance will be like, how regularly you will have to get the colour topped up to look its best, and how long you'll be able to go between treatments.”

“If you're doing a completely different colour, be sure to check if the colour will fade and what it will look like when it fades. Is there something you can do to keep it from fading or fade less? Are there certain products you can use? Will you require a particular styling aid for a certain look?”

Don’t be fooled by filters

“Always remember that most Instagram and Pinterest photos have filters on it, at least 90% of the time. It's not real life. Especially the blonde tones. Your hairdresser should be able to spot it immediately. Trust your stylist when they say that a given inspo pic is the result of a filter or clever lighting and adjust your expectations accordingly,” recommends Deidré. 

If you decide to go the at-home route

But, we understand that a regular salon visit isn’t something many of us can squeeze into the monthly budget – so, if you decide to take your colour into your own hands, the professionals suggest sticking within two shades of your current colour, to minimise any potential damage. 

While almost all box dye kits now include a conditioning treatment to use afterwards, we also suggest treating your hair to a moisturising treatment or mask a few days before you whip out the colour, so it’s in as good condition as it can be.


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