The ultimate guide to doing your brows at home

29 April 2020 | By Anna-Bet Stemmet

As we settle into the new normal in South Africa, it’s time to come to terms with the fact that it might be a while until our normal beauty treatments can resume. Here are a few expert tips for maintaining your brows at home during lockdown.


Martie Olivier, beauty therapist, makeup artist and owner of The Beauty Room in Malmesbury, shares the advice she gives to her clients with regard to maintaining their brows at home between salon sessions.

Take care of your skin first

While you have the time for some extra TLC, Martie advises that you start with a good exfoliation and/or steaming session before tackling your brows. “Get your canvas ready before you jump in – cleanse your face thoroughly and exfoliate well to get those pores nice and relaxed. You could even up the ante by enjoying a DIY facial steam; simply drape a towel over a bowl of warm water and add a few drops of essential oils if you’re feeling fancy. Peppermint and eucalyptus oils are great for a revitalising pick-me-up.”

Be careful where you tweeze

“If you’re used to having your therapist shape your brows, I would recommend that you take great care when you wield the tweezers,” cautions Martie. “You could potentially alter the shape of your brows completely if you are too liberal with the amount of hair you remove. However, we all feel the need to keep things tidy, so just go slowly. Start by combing your brows outwards and upwards and tweezing a maximum of five hairs at a time. Take a step back between these bursts to see if you’re still on track.”

Don’t underestimate the humble brow pencil

If you’re used to having your brows and lashes tinted professionally, odds are you’re feeling a little pale and undefined at the moment. Although there are DIY tinting kits available on the market, Martie advises that first-timers stick to brow pencil, eye shadow of brow mascara if they’re feeling a too nervous to apply dye to their face.

“Opt for a colour that is as close to your natural hair colour as possible. If you’re blonde, a light brown should work; if your hair is darker you can opt for a more chocolate brown. Use a pencil to fill in any gaps in your natural brow hairs with light, hair-like strokes, or use an angled makeup brush to apply eye shadow in the same way. If you can get your hands on some brow mascara, all the better – it really takes the guesswork out of filling in the blanks.”

Following these guidelines will help you to maintain your brows like a pro until you’re free to visit your favourite beauty therapist once more. 

IMAGE CREDIT: 123rf.com

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