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These expert hacks make your fragrance last longer

08 February 2024 | By Leigh van den Berg

Want your favourite fragrance to last all day? Try these application tips for super long-lasting scent.


We all know that bleak feeling of investing in a fragrance only to be disappointed by its staying power. Or perhaps you’ve found something potent you love so much and just can’t get enough of. Either way, you can help perfume linger longer, provided you know a few tricks. 

Apply it to hydrated skin 

Moist skin gives your perfume something to cling to, almost acting like a primer. This is why the best times to apply your perfume are straight after your shower or bath or apply a body lotion. Another little hack? If you don’t have time to hydrate your whole body, simply apply a little Vaseline to your pulse points before spritzing on your scent. 

Aim for your pulse points

Your pulse points are typically warmer than other parts of your body because of how close the blood pumps to the surface of your skin. According to fragrance expert Michael Edwards, the man credited with creating the fragrance wheel, this is where you want to apply your perfume as the heat helps to diffuse and magnify it. Most people know that their wrists and the base of their throat are pulse points, but others include the back of your knee, inside your elbow and just behind your ears. 

Aim wide and don’t rub!

The perfect way to apply your perfume? Michael says you should spray it about 20cm away from your skin. “An even spray over a wider area will help your fragrance last longer than a generous amount in a small area,” he says. He also advises against rubbing your wrists together as this “bruises” the notes, causing them to break down faster. Rather spritz it on and leave it to dry on its own. 

Layer up

To “layer a fragrance” is the simple act of using several products with the same scent all at the same time. “Each reinforces the impact of the other to quadruple the life of your favourite scent,” says Michael. MIX:BAR has created a line of layer-friendly fragrances so that you mix, match and play with the scents that suit you. The Body Shop is also a fragrance layering delight. They have several iconic eau de toilettes and body mists that range from fruity to fresh along with matching shower gels, body butters and beautifying oils. 

Is this a great excuse for a shopping spree or what?


IMAGE CREDIT: shutterstock.com

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