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When to break up with your fragrance

26 November 2019 | By Helen Clemson

Whether it’s past its expiration date or it just doesn’t work on your skin, there are times when a fragrance just has to go. Here’s how to tell when it’s time to call it quits.


Everyone has a favourite scent they love to spritz (or more!). However, there are warning signs that the perfume you’re wedded to isn’t working quite as hard for you as it used to. Candice-Lee Kannemeyer is the founder and editor of beauty and lifestyle blog, In My Bag and she has some sound advice on when to show your fragrance the door. 

The colour looks “off” 

“The juice (the industry term for the actual fragrance inside the bottle) will usually change colour when it’s past its sell-by-date,” explains Candice. “It will go a darker shade and sometimes even get a little murky.”

It’s getting a little too much

The trick with perfume is that you must wear it rather than it wearing you. “I believe if you can smell your own fragrance, you're wearing too much of it,” Candice says. Either tone down the amount you’re wearing or opt for a lighter version (spritz on an EDT version rather than an EDP). 

You’re in a fragrance rut

If you’ve been buying the same fragrance year in and year out – like the one you wore on your wedding day – then you’re either just incredibly loyal, or stuck in a deep scent rut. “Fragrance trends change, new notes and unique ingredients are introduced regularly, so I think that it's important to try new scents,” says Candice. “If you're the kind of person who wants a signature scent or scents, I believe you should invest in three at the very least.” She suggests keeping that very sentimental scent for special occasions (yes, like the one you wore on your wedding day), and having two to three others to wear daily. This helps to keep your fragrance wardrobe fresh and modern.

“But, it was a gift!”

That fall-back fragrance that your man (or mom) buys for you every time they travel or celebrate your birthday might be touching, but all too often it’s the same old. Candice’s suggestion is to smell a few fragrances and make a note of those you like. “Subtly drop hints to hubby a few days before your birthday,” she adds. “And, don’t feel that you have to wear a fragrance you dislike, or one that doesn't work with your skin’s chemistry! Rather give that scent to a friend.” 


IMAGE CREDIT: shutterstock.com

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