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How to get the vinyl lip look

30 March 2023 | By Leila Petersen

Think high-shine, lacquer-style lips that are not just glossy but highly pigmented and downright stunning – here’s how you can get the vinyl lip look.


Move over matte, this season lips are about to get even louder as high-shine glossy pouts are back! Garnering the attention of makeup artists and influencers around the globe and seen on the red carpet on A-listers such as Salma Hayek, Kerry Washington, Dove Cameron, and Lori Harvey, this modern version of liquid lipsticks is definitively sexier and more luxe than the deep mattes of before.

The trend gets its name from the ultra-glazed finish these products impart on the lips that remind us of shiny vinyl material. You can go subtle with paler pink or nude shades or go full-on va-va-voom with deep reds, purples and even blacks – vinyl lipsticks give the lips a fuller, plumper appearance. It looks uber glamorous and when done in bold colours, its mirror shine gives you that statement pout. 

Ready to get the look? Follow our step-by-step guide below:

Exfoliate and Prep

Always start by giving your lips a gentle scrub to start, removing any dead skin. If you don’t have a lip-friendly scrub, a spare toothbrush always does the trick. Follow with a nourishing lip balm or primer. 

Line your lips

For a crisp edge and long-wearing colour, start with a liner first. Pick one that matches your final lip colour or use an invisible one. Trace the edges of your lips and then colour in the centre for extra staying power. 

Apply your vinyl lip lacquer

These types of products pack a punch, so apply sparingly, starting with the bottom lip first. Then pucker before filling in what’s left on the top lip. 

Beauty tips:

●    You can also give any opaque matte lip colour a vinyl-like finish by layering a clear gloss over it.
●    When you finally glide on the liquid lipstick, think of it like nail polish – too many layers and you’ve got a gummy mess. Try to cover as much ground in the first swipe as possible.
●    This statement pout is best paired with very neutral makeup to allow the lips to shine the brightest.

IMAGE: 123rf.com

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