A new skin health solution to help take care of elderly skin 

With age, skin gets more fragile and slower to heal – and with incontinence, skin is even more at risk. That’s why prevention is key. To support you with caring for the skin in the perineal area, we are introducing the TENA ProSkin range to help you manage incontinence AND keep your loved one’s skin healthy.

Our ProSkin range includes: 

TENA ProSkin Pants                                                            A fully breathable product intended for mobile and semi-mobile individuals that supports self-toileting and is as easy to put on and pull off as normal underwear.

TENA ProSkin Slip                                                                The new, improved and thinner product design features a fast acting DuoLock™ core for high leakage security.

TENA ProSkin Wet Wipes                                                    Premoistened with 3-in-1 formula to cleanse, moisturise and protect the skin.

TENA ProSkin Wash Cream                                                This gentle alternative to soap and water cleanses, protects and moisturises fragile skin – with no need to rinse with water.