Beautiful, bold nails for winter

Striking nails never go unnoticed. Follow this season's colour trends for nails of distinction.

24 June 2014
by Anien Botha


The vampy look

Berries, plums, deep reds and burgundys are always fashionable during winter, and this year is no different. Play around with different shades to find the one you love the most. The good news is that berry colours generally suit all complexions.

Textured nail polishes

Textured nail polishes – such as those with glitter, a crackle or furry effect, and nail caviar – add a playful element to your look and can really brighten up an outfit. They’re especially good for a night out!


Metallic greys, silvers, bronzes, blues, greens and purples are perfect for winter as they complement winter fashion colours like grey, charcoal, navy and black.

Top tip:
If you’re going for a dark colour, keep your nails short. Deep colours on long nails can look a bit overdone.