Post-gym grooming tips for men

Look as good as you feel after your workout with these simple tips.

20 January 2014
by Andreas Wilson-Späth

Effective after-gym grooming doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. With a few well-chosen products and a simple routine, looking as good as you feel after your workout is a breeze. And no, just hitting the shower for a few minutes isn’t good enough!

Clicks offers a wide range of excellent grooming products for men that guarantee post-gym freshness, including moisturisers, facial cleansers, and roll-on and spray deodorants. Wherever possible, choose small product containers to optimise the limited space in your gym bag. Now simply follow our step-by-step procedure:

Cleanse your skin

Exercise is great for your skin: it improves circulation, delivering more nutrients to skin cells, builds muscle tissue which counteracts sagging, and stimulates the production of collagen, a chemical responsible for keeping skin elastic.

When you sweat, however, all sorts of bodily impurities are driven to the surface through pores in your skin. Remove this build-up while you shower by using a gentle face wash on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, and an effective body scrub everywhere else (try exfoliating gloves for greater effect). Look for fantastic face and body wash products from Nivea Men, L’Oréal and our in-house Clicks brand.

Treat your hair

Exercise and the chlorine in your gym pool can leave your hair dry, lifeless and smelling of bleach. Use a good shampoo to revitalise it. Avoid the hassle and stress of trying to shave in a crowded gym changing room – do it at home the night before or just before leaving home in the morning.


Showering strips your skin of protective oils. With your skin still slightly moist after towel drying, apply a moisturising facial cream, avoiding the areas around the eyes. Follow up with lashings of body lotion on the rest of your body. Choose fragrance-free moisturisers with restorative vitamin E. Nivea Men and Vaseline offer a great selection of moisturising creams for you to choose from.

Attend to your special needs

Use a soothing hand cream if gripping assorted gym equipment leaves you with hardened skin or calluses. If you routinely suffer from chafing or sweat rash in your armpits, groin, buttocks or on the back of your knees, invest in some anti-chafing gel, and be sure to bring along some plasters if you’re frequently plagued by blisters or ulcers.

Freshen up

Pick a light and citrusy eau de toilette to make you smell great, but if you tend to sweat long after exercising, an antiperspirant deodorant spray or roll-on is preferable.

Apply the finishing touches

Brush your teeth, apply a lip balm to prevent chapping, and run a comb or brush through your slightly moist hair before pepping it up with a touch of styling gel or shaping wax from VO5 or L’Oréal Studio.

Now step out into the world looking and feeling like a million dollars!