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Should we avoid eating chicken?

A new study has challenged the belief that chicken is a healthier alternative to red meat. Should it put us off this popular protein?

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9 Tips to keep your kidneys healthy

With World Kidney Day on March 14, take extra care of yours.

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Don't pass the salt!

Use World Salt Awareness Week, March 4-10, to cut down, and help your family do the same.

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Cracking the egg and milk debate

Eggs and milk have had bad press, but research suggests we simply enjoy them.

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Is a detox a good way to start your year?

After festive season indulgence, many swear by a cleansing detox. But how healthy is it?

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Listeria is not the only bad food-borne bug

A range of micro-organisms produces countless cases of food poisoning each year.

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10 ways to help your child cultivate a healthy gut

It's essential to encourage healthy bacteria in your little one’s gastrointestinal tract.

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Should you breastfeed for longer?

Breastfeeding has many benefits – some of which increase the longer you do it for.