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Is my thyroid affecting my weight?

You may have heard of the thyroid, but do you know how important it really is?

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6 reasons to stop counting kilojoules

Whipping out a calculator when you eat can sabotage your efforts to lose weight.

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7 weight-loss words dieticians want to ban

When on a weight-loss journey, avoid counter-productive words like ‘detox’ and ‘cheat days.

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30-minute indoor workout to banish winter weight gain

Don’t let cold, dark days keep you from staying in shape. Try these toning moves at home.

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Top 6 winter weight loss rules

The season of hot choc and snuggling under covers can come at a cost. Not this year!

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4 surprising reasons you’re gaining weight

Doing everything you can think of to lose weight, but it’s not working? This could be why.

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6 golden rules for achieving your January weight loss goals

Here’s how to shape up for a healthy new year without punishing your body.

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Should you tell a loved one they need to lose weight?

Is speaking out about this very sensitive issue the best thing you can do for a loved one?