5 flu vaccine myths busted

These commonly cited reasons for not getting a flu shot aren’t true.

04 June 2015
by Jennifer Campbell

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Myth 1: The flu vaccine gives you the flu

Clicks regional clinic manager Carol Gray explains that the flu vaccine contains inactive strains of the flu and that there is no risk of infection from a vaccine.

“Your immune system recognises these vaccines as an abnormality and attacks them. The body then develops antibodies that will help protect you against future exposure to those specific strains,” says Gray.

Myth 2: Healthy people don’t need to get vaccinated

Everybody should be vaccinated annually against flu as a preventative measure, says Gray. Remember that the virus is highly contagious and cannot be treated with antibiotics, making it difficult to shake.

“Flu can be dangerous for absolutely anyone – even the healthiest person can be affected,” she explains.

Myth 3: The flu is harmless, so there’s no real point getting vaccinated

“It’s hard to predict how strong one’s immunity will be over the flu season, as stress and other medical conditions affect immunity differently throughout the year,” says Gray.

She also warns that flu can lead to serious secondary infections, such as pneumonia, which in some cases can, in fact, be fatal.

Myth 4: The flu vaccine isn't really effective

While the flu vaccine does not offer 100 percent protection against all strains of flu, it does allow the body to develop a level of protection against the three most deadly strains identified by the World Health Organisation every year.

Myth 5: The flu vaccine is dangerous

“The flu vaccine is thoroughly trialled and tested before it is released,” says Gray. If you have any concerns, consult with your Clicks pharmacist or Clicks Clinic nursing practitioner first.

How Clicks Clinics can help you during the flu season

Book an appointment for a flu vaccination at a Clicks Clinic by calling 0860 254 257 or visiting Clicks Clinics online. The good news is that most medical aids now cover the flu vaccination and sometimes even reward members. 

Take note that the following people cannot get vaccinated:

  • Babies younger than 6 months
  • Anyone allergic to eggs
  • Anyone who already has a fever
  • Anyone who has shown a past reaction to a vaccine

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