5 top tips to quit smoking

We offer support to help you kick your dangerous puffing habit.

06 May 2016
by Stefan de Clerk

As any smoker and former smoker knows all too well, quitting smoking is easier said than done. In our attempt to help you tackle this epic battle, we asked Dr Charles Nel, the CEO of Allen Carr's Easyway smoking cessation clinics in South Africa, for his advice. 

“One of the biggest obstacles people face when they attempt to quit smoking is the fear that they will fail, because it’s difficult,” says Dr Nel. “Carr’s tips may appear quite different, but they are designed to remove the fear of trying to stop.”

1. Deal with withdrawals

People are often afraid that the nicotine withdrawals may be excruciating, however, according to Nel the withdrawal symptoms aren’t really that bad. “Smokers sleep for hours every night and it doesn’t even wake them up!” he points out. 

2. Don’t cut down, stop, right now

When you cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke you actually make it harder for yourself to stop completely. “Cutting down makes each cigarette appear more precious,” warns Nel. “Stop today, because with ‘stopping smoking’, tomorrow never comes!”

3. Be social

Many smokers who try to quit avoid social situations, because to them smoking and drinking alcohol or coffee go hand-in-hand. According to Carr’s tips, you should actually seek out these times, because it will make you realise that you can actually cope and enjoy life without smoking.

4. The proof is in the craving

One of the things you have to realise is that the enjoyment you get from smoking isn’t the smoking per se, but the relief of the nicotine cravings. “Non-smokers don’t suffer cravings for cigarettes,” quips Nel.

5. Stop giving cigarettes so much power

Cigarettes are only that, yet we attach value to them because we believe they have the power to relieve stress. “If smoking genuinely relieved stress and relaxed smokers, they would write it on the box,” says Nel. 

How Clicks can help you quit smoking

Clicks has launched stop-smoking service, Go Smoke Free​, at selected Clicks clinics.

IMAGE CREDIT: 123rf.com