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Providing FREE selected clinic services to disadvantaged South Africans who need us

Clicks Helping Hand Trust sponsors free clinic service at Clicks every week. These services are available to disadvantaged South Africans who do not have medical aid and lack easy access to basic, preventative, primary healthcare services. We are focused on improving the lives of ordinary, everyday South Africans from babies to youth, elderly and everyone in between.

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To touch lives, in a non-profit manner, on an on-going basis by creating easy access to basic primary healthcare services in all Clicks clinics and to bring sustainable, dignity to school girls in impoverish communities.

From humble beginnings to impactful organisation

Started in 2011, we began offering mothers who’s babies are born in state clinics and do not have medical aid, an opportunity to manage their babies Road to Health. This started with a pilot in 16 Clicks clinics and was subsequently increased to reach across all provinces through 75 Clinics. In 2014 with the launch of our HIV program, we opened all doors for both Mom & Baby wellness services and HIV testing. Today we have over180 clinics nationally offering free services. Every week Clicks opens its clinic doors to offer free primary healthcare services to disadvantaged South Africans, through our well established Mom & Baby Program and our new Healthy Lifestyles program.

Mom & Baby Program

We offer free Well Baby and Family Planning services every Thursday afternoon, including immunisation (where state stock is available), baby weighing and growth monitoring, feeding and nutritional advice, as well as family planning advice and medication (where state stock is available).

Healthy Lifestyle Program

Wednesday mornings are dedicated to our healthy lifestyles program. More and more private medical aids are encouraging their customers to look after themselves by “knowing their number”. They are encouraging people to know their blood pressure levels, cholesterol levels, glucose levels, HIV status, in order to make lifestyle changes that ultimately result in better health and greater longevity. We are bringing this proactive way of living and thinking to ordinary South Africans who cannot afford the luxury of medical aid through 3 different packages:

  • Heart health: Blood pressure and cholesterol testing
  • Diabetes awareness: Glucose and blood pressure testing
  • HIV: Testing and counselling

Girls on the Go

Community. Sustainability. Present. Educated. Empowered.

These words have been the focus of our project “Girls on the Go” and our plan to reach out to communities. Around 30% of South African high School girls will fail grades, miss school and exams because they lack basic sanitary wear. We have embarked on a journey to make a sustainable difference in the lives of these schools girls in the hope that we can ensure they are PRESENT at school, fully EDUCATED and therefore EMPOWERED to make good decisions about their future.

Partnering with Subz pads and panties and their community programme Project Dignity we are delivering a washable re-usable SABS approved sanitary pad that last up to 5 years. This means that the school girls we reach, depending on their age, will be equipped to stay in school in their formative years and matriculate comfortable in the knowledge that their monthly cycle will not disturb their academic progress.

Barometer of success: Lives Touched (2011- 2016)

  • Mom & Baby = 55193
  • HIV testing = 16395
  • Diabetes awareness = 14780
  • Heart Health = 14935
  • Flu vaccines= 14575

*all these lives have been touched though free consultations at Clicks clinics nationally.

Our Beneficiaries

The Clicks Helping Hand Trust is a registered NPO (IT3137/2010). Our beneficiary are primarily disadvantaged individuals (at least 75% of the beneficiaries being black, as defined by the DTI BBBEE Charter guidelines).

Terms and Conditions

  1. Mom and Baby services are available to families whose babies are born in state clinics and do not have medical aid.
  2. Immunisation and family planning medication are only available where state sponsored stock is available
  3. Healthy lifestyle services and other ad hoc campaign services are available to deserving, disadvantaged customers who do not have medical aid



Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

Make an appointment: 0860 254 257

Corporate Governance

The Clicks Helping Hand Trust is a public benefit organisation (PBO) (930036001) registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO) (# IT3137/2010) under the Trust Property Control Act and the Income Tax act.

Our Trustees

Alex Anson-Esparza – Head of Merchandise and Marketing, Clicks
Alphonso Malgas – Pharmacy & HealthCare Academy Manager, Clicks
Gordon Traill – Head of Finance, Clicks
Rachel Wrigglesworth (Chairperson) – Head of Healthcare, Clicks
Vikesh Ramsunder – COO, Clicks