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What is SEW (Sorbet Empowering Wo+Men)?

Providing Skills Training and Education to unemployed Women and Men to enter the beauty and grooming industry.

Why does SEW Exist?

SEW change lives through empowering candidates with a professional skill set which includes both soft and life skills training resulting in a high calibre of graduate to add value to any work environment and easily find employment.

SEW is part of a measurable change in the social impact of graduates finding employment and starting to earn a livelihood.Sorbet Empowering Wo+Men started because of its underlying philosophy of the Sorbet Group which is making a difference in people’s lives –This being Sorbet’s small part of working towards a solution in our country by utilising by utilizing our resources to impact lives.

Why SEW matters

  • South Africa’s unemployment rate is currently 27.4 %
  • SEW fills the gap by training more professionals to fill the growing demand in industry while at the same time works on reducing the unemployment rate


Success Story

  • 200 lives have been touched through SEW’s support
  • 90 % of SEW graduates between 2014 to 2019 have successful found employment once graduating
  • SEW is increasing the number of lives it positively affects by enrolling more graduates (directly proportionate to funding)


How to Support SEW?

  • Add SEW as your MySchool Beneficiary – Sign up or add SEW as one of your MySchool beneficiaries
  • Support SEW fundraising events and in-store activations



Sorbet range

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