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Nite Calmative 25 Tablets

Calmettes Nite Calmative 25 Tablets is specially formulated with plant-based ingredients to help with temporary difficulty in falling asleep.

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Abbott Calmettes Nite Tablets 25 Tablets

Detailed Description:
Composition:Each coated tablet contains:125mg Valerian root dry extract (3 - 6:1, ethanol 70% v/v), equivalent to 375-750 mg valerian root (extract of plant root valeriana officinalis).Pharmacological classification:A. 34 herbals.Pharmacological action:Pharmacodynamic properties.In clinical studies in patients with sleep disturbances, valerian root extract has shown to improve sleep efficiency and quality, predominantly by shortening the sleep latency and increasing the slow wave sleep proportion. Subjective sleep parameters, as assessed by means of self-rating scores and questionnaires, improved accordingly.Valerian had no immediate hypnotic effect but rather restored sleep macrostructure. In insomniac patients, the therapeutic benefit could be observed in the first days of treatment and further increased within the next 2-4 weeks.Furthermore, clinical studies have demonstrated that valerian treatment relieved from symptoms of nervousness and restlessness. Frequently associated problems like deficiencies in the concentration ability and motor restlessness were markedly improved in adults and children.Pharmacokinetic properties:No human data on absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion are available in the literature, and no pharmacokinetic studies have been performed on extract of valerian root. However, the observed clinical efficacy and the toxicological studies indicate absorption and suggest that neither toxic metabolites are formed nor toxic constituents of the extract accumulate.Indications:Calmettes nite is a herbal medicinal product indicated for the relief of temporary mild nervous tension and temporary difficulty in falling asleep.Contra-indications:Not recommended for patients with hypersensitivity or idiosyncrasy to root of valerian or any of the excipients.Identification:White, round, biconvex coated tablet.Presentation:PVC/PVDC blister strips in cartons of 25 coated tablets.Date of publication of this package insert:25 April 2004.Valerian.Dispert powder 45mg.Per tablet.

Pack size:
25 tablets

Quantity in pack:

Marketing description:
Calmative of natural origin.25 tablets.CalmettesĀ®.Nite.Calmative of natural plant origin for temporary difficulty in falling asleep.Abbott.


Package type:

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Usage instructions:
Dosage and directions for use:Adults and children over 12 years of age.As an aid to sleep, a single oral dose of 3-5 coated tablets (equivalent to 1125-3750mg valerian root) half an hour before bedtime, with an earlier dose during the evening, if necessary.For relief of nervous tension, a single oral dose of 3-5 coated (equivalent to 1125- 3750mg valerian root) 1-3 times daily.Elderly:As for adults.The coated tablets should be swallowed with fluids and not be chewed.Dosage: adults: 2-3 tablets.Children: 1 tablet repeat up to three times daily if necessary.

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5.0 from 1 reviews Write a review
Rest peacefully 5.0
Nabeelah , 25 Jan 2017

I sometimes find it impossible to fall asleep and ever since discovering these tablets its made the worlds difference. It helps me get the rest I need and unlike other tablets I've used, there haven't been any side effects.

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