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How to cope with painful postpartum sex

New moms can experience pain during sex. Here’s what to do if you’re one of them.

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Birth control: Which contraceptive works for you?

We asked three women how they found the contraceptive that suits them best.

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Is the Pill right for you?

With recent focus on health risks associated with the Pill, should we be concerned?

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TB survivor: ‘I had multi-drug resistant tuberculosis’

Capetonian Ra-eesah Dustay (21) shares how she overcame multi-drug resistant TB.

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Does breastfeeding reduce your risk of breast cancer?

Breastfeeding your little one could safeguard your health in the long run.

Women's Health Cancer

Breast cancer prevention: 4 steps to check your breasts

Follow these self-examination steps to detect breast cancer as early as possible.

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Your 10-day guide to revitalising your health

Forget unrealistic promises, rather commit to these manageable tweaks that really work!

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3 lifestyle changes for Cushing's syndrome recovery

This syndrome has unpleasant effects but responds well to simple lifestyle changes.