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Women's Health

New study: The Pill may protect women from certain cancers

A landmark study reports that taking the Pill may protect you from specific cancers.

Women's Health Baby

New mom? Try these power foods for energy

Sleepless nights and breastfeeding can drain you, so boost your energy with the right foods.

Cancer Women's Health

Study: Cancer in women is rising 6 times faster than in men

A study says that women are at an increased risk of cancer, chiefly due to being overweight.

Pregnancy Women's Health

Your options when you’re pregnant and quitting smoking

Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your baby and you. Here are your options.

Baby Women's Health

What to eat and drink when you’re breastfeeding

It nourishes baby and takes a little extra energy, but you don’t need a special diet.

Women's Health

ADVERTORIAL: Help give our girls the confidence to #StayfreeToLearn

Stayfree® is helping young women to embrace their menstruation with confidence.

Women's Health Sexual Health

How to cope with painful postpartum sex

New moms can experience pain during sex. Here’s what to do if you’re one of them.

Women's Health Sexual Health

Birth control: Which contraceptive works for you?

We asked three women how they found the contraceptive that suits them best.