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Sterilising Fluid 500ml

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Milton Sterilising Fluid 500ml effectively kills all known germs including thrush. Simply dilute a capful of fluid in 1 litre of water to create an effective, germ-killing solution. Note: Use a bottle and teat brush and warm, soapy water to thoroughly remove all milk before inserting into Milton mixture.

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Detailed information

Milton Household Cleaners Sterilising Fluid 500 ml

Detailed Description:
Based on more than 60 years of expertise, Milton has cared for you and your family through sterilised hygiene since the first world war.Use cap for ml measurement.Composition:Sodium hypochlorite: 1.0%.Sodium chloride: 16.5%.Milton is a registered trademark.For more info phone our customer care line: 0861 797 797 or contact us via e-mail us on [email protected].

Pack size:
500 ml

Quantity in pack:

Marketing description:
Milton.Sterilising fluid.Kills all known germs.Including thrush.60 years of mothers trust.SABS approved.


SABS approved.

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How to use

Usage instructions:
For sterilising baby bottles and teats without boiling.1. Clean utensils thoroughly:After each feed rinse out bottles and teats with cold water. Wash in soap and water using a bottle brush. Rub teats with salt inside and outside to remove milk deposit. Rinse with cold water.Note: always use cold water - hot water hardens milk residue and inhibits effective sterilisation.2. Prepare Milton solution:Use Milton sterilising unit or a non-metallic container. Fill the unit with cold water. Add 12.5 ml of Milton to every litre of water. Half a capful of Milton = 12.5 ml.Note: make a new Milton solution every 24 hours.Do not leave solution in direct sunlight.3. Soak utensils for 30 minutes:Place baby's bottles and teats in the Milton solution. Make sure all items are completely covered by the solution. Remove any trapped air bubbles in the bottles. Place lid on and leave for at least 30 minutes.Note: leave in solution until next feed.4. Wash hands before removing utensils:Wash hands thoroughly before removing items from the solution. Drain bottles and teats. Do not rinse. Fill bottle immediately and cover teat.

Caution: coloured fabrics may be bleached by Milton. Do not use on metallic surface or objects.Do not mix with other substances. Avoid contact of undiluted fluid with skin and eyes.Use - toxological - treatment.On contact with eyes - may cause irritation - immediately flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.On contact with skin - may cause irritation - rinse with flowing water.If inhaled - no adverse side effects are normally expected - not required.On ingestion - may cause temporary discomfort - if swallowed give large amounts of water, get medical attention.

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