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Tablets 30 Tablets

Neurobion 30 Tablets is specially formulated with a selection of B vitamins to help support the health and functions of the nervous system. Also great for those at risk of a vitamin B deficiency, including over 55s, vegetarians, diabetics and others.

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Neurobion Merck 30 Tablets

Detailed Description:
Scheduling status:S1.Proprietary name:Neurobion® tablets.Pharmacological classification:A.22.1.4 - vitamins: others.Indications:Neurobion tablets are indicated where a deficiency of the relevant vitamins exists.Identification:White, shiny, round coated tablets, steeply convexed on both sides.Presentation:Amber glass bottles containing 30 tablets.® = registered trademark.

Pack size:
30 tablets

Quantity in pack:

Marketing description:
S1.Neurobion® tablets.B1 100 mg.B6 200 mg.B12 200 µg.30 tablets.Merck.


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Storage instructions:
Store at or below 25 degrees C.

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Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 100mg, Vitamin B12 200Mcg, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 200mg Tablets

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Neurobion 5.0
Anonymous reviewer , 30 Aug 2019

I was so drained for the fews months i am a busy mom get everything together forget about myself.ive bought so much vitamins tried all and still got no where.i walk in Dischem straight to the pharmacy i was so drained feeling dizzy ect...i ask one of the ladies to assist me when it comes to to vitamin .she reply what do you need it for all i said i dont have enery ...she recommended Neurobion to me and said you will come back and tell me ....im so energize my body feels brand new this stuff is amazing!!thank you .

Great for energy 5.0
Anonymous reviewer , 19 Apr 2018

I've been taking these for a week now and have noticed an increase in my energy levels. I suffer from anemia so I'm constantly feeling fatigued, with Neurobion I can finally function like a normal human being.