Omron Lightweight Nebulizer is an efficient, lightweight, fast and convenient, and easy to clean mechanism. It has a quick nebulization rate of 0.30ml per minute and comes with an adult and child mask, air tube, mouthpiece, nosepiece with 5 air filters, an AC adapter, instruction manual and storage bag.

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Omron Lightweight Nebulizer

Detailed Description:
Efficient.Low noise.Lightweight.Easy to clean.Model (-code): NE-C803 (NE-C803-E).CompAir basic compressor nebulizer (NE-C803):Quieter nebulization.Lightweight.Easy to clean.Handy size for easy usage.Efficient compressor with 3µm MMAD particle size.Fast and convenient.Quick nebulization rate of 0.30 ml/min.Contents:Main unit.Nebulizer kit.AirTube.Mouthpiece.Adult mask.Child mask.Nosepiece.5 air filters.AC adapter.Instruction manual.Storage bag.Production facility:Omron Healthcare Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd.No.28 VSIP II, Street 2, Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park II, Binh Duong Industry-Services-Urban Complex, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.Power supply 100-240V 50/60 Hz.Distributed by:Supplied & Serviced by Hitech Therapy.011 704 [email protected] Therapy.Rehabilitation, exercise & wellness products.www.omron-healthcare.com.Technology & design Japan.Instruction manual.Contents:Before using the device:Introduction - 2.Intended use - 3.Important safety instructions - 4.Know your unit - 7.Optional medical accessories - 8.Other optional/replacement parts - 8.Operating instructions:How to use - 9.Care and maintenance:Cleaning and disinfecting - 13.Removing condensation from the air tube - 16.Changing the air filter - 16.Troubleshooting - 17.Technical data - 18.Guarantee - 21.Introduction:Thank you for purchasing the Omron comp air basic.This product was developed in conjunction with respiratory therapists for the successful treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies and other respiratory disorders. This is a medical device. Operate the device only as instructed by your doctor and/or respiratory therapist.How the nebulizer kit works:The medication that is pumped up through the medication channel is mixed with compressed air which is generated by a compressor pump. The medication is turned into fine particles and sprayed when in contact with the compressed air.Intended use:Medical purpose:This product is intended to be used for inhaling medication for respiratory disorders.Intended user:Legally certified medical experts, such as doctor, nurse and therapist.Caregiver or patient under the guidance of qualified medical experts for home treatment.The user should also be capable of understanding general operation of NE-C803 and the content of this instruction manual.Intended patients:This product should not be used on patients, who are unconscious or are not breathing spontaneously.Environment:This product is intended for use in a medical facility, such as hospital, clinic and doctor's office, and in a room of general household.Durable period:Durable periods are as follows, provided the product is used to nebulize 2 ml of medication twice a day for 7.5 minutes each time at room temperature (23 degrees C).Durable period may vary depending on usage environment.Frequent use of the product may shorten the durable period.Compressor (main unit) - 5 years.Nebulizer kit - 1 year.Mouthpiece - 1 year.Nosepiece - 1 year.Air tube (PVC, 100cm) - 1 year.Air filter - 60 days.Mask (PVC) (SEBS) - 1 year.Know your unit:Compressor (main unit) x 1.Nebulizer kit holder.Air tube connector.Power switch.Rear view.Power connector.Air filter cover.*Air filter inside.Nebulizer kit x 1.Inhalation top.Vaporizer head.Medication tank.Nozzle.Air tube connector.Air tube (PVC, 100 cm) x 1.Mouthpiece x 1.Adult mask (PVC) x 1.Spear air filters x 5.Nosepiece x 1.Child mask (PVC) x 1.AC adapter x 1.Storage bag x 1.Instruction manual.Optional medical accessories:(Within the scope of EC medical device directive 93/42/EEC).Product description - model:Nebulizer kit & mouthpiece set - NEB-NSET3-83E.Adult mask (PVC) - NEB-MSLP-E.Child mask (PVC) - NEB-MSMP-E.Adult mask (SEBS) - NEB-MSLS-E.Child mask (SEBS) Set - NEB-MSSS-E.Mouthpiece - NEB-MP-E.Nosepiece - NEB-NP-E.Air tube (PVC, 100cm) - NEB-TP-82E.AC adapter - HHP-CF01.Other optional/replacement parts:Product description - model:Air filters x 5 - NEB-AFR-30E.Technical data:Product description: compressor nebulizer.Model (-code): NE-C803 (NE-C803-E).Rating (AC adapter): 100 - 240V 50/60Hz 0.12 - 0.065A.Rating (compressor nebulizer): 6V = 0.7A.Operating temperature/humidity: +10 degrees C to +40 degrees C/30% to 85%RH.Storage and transport temperature/humidity/air pressure: -20 degrees C to +60 degrees C/10% to 95%RH/700 - 1060hPa.Weight: approx. 180g (compressor only).Dimensions: approx. 85 (W) x 43 (H) x115 (D) mm (compressor only).Contents: compressor, nebulizer kit, air tube (PVC, 100cm), mouthpiece, nosepiece, adult mask (PVC), child mask (PVC), 5 pcs spare air filters, AC adapter, storage bag, instruction manual.Classifications: class II (protection against electric shock), type BF (applied part) IP21 (ingress protection).Class II equipment.No operation.Type BF applied part.I = power on.Read the instruction manually carefully.Notes:Subject to technical modification without prior notice.This Omron product is produced under the strict quality system of Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd., Japan.The device may not work if the temperature and voltage conditions are different to those defined in the specifications.The device fulfils the provisions of the EC directive 93/42/EEC (medical device directive) and the European Standard EN13544-1:2007+A1:2009, respiratory therapy equipment - part 1: nebulizing systems and their components.See website of Omron Healthcare Europe to update technical information.URL: www.omron-healthcare.com.Technical data for the Omron NE-C803 Compressor with the nebulizer kit:Particle size: **MMAD approx. 3µm.MMAD = mass median aerodynamic diameter.Medication tank capacity: 10ml maximum.Appropriate medication quantities: 2ml minimum - 10ml maximum.Sound: *less than 45dB.Nebulization Rate: *Approx. 0.30m1/min (by weight loss).Aerosol Output: **0.37ml (2ml, 1%NaF).Aerosol Output Rate: **0.05ml/min (2ml, 1%NaF).Result of cascade impactor measurements for particle size**.*Measured by Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd. Measured with saline at ambient temperature of 23 degrees C and humidity of 40%. It may vary with the type of medication.**Independently measured by Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Takano, Therapeutic Systems Research Center, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan, according to EN 13544-1:2007+A1:2009.Note:Performance may vary with medication such as suspensions or high viscosity. See medication supplier's data sheet for further details.Important information regarding Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC):With the increased number of electronic devices such as PC's and mobile (cellular) telephones medical devices in use may be susceptible to electromagnetic interference from other devices. Electromagnetic interference may result in incorrect operation of the medical device and create a potentially unsafe situation.Medical devices should also not interfere with other devices.In order to regulate the requirements for EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) with the aim to prevent unsafe product situations, the EN60601-1-2:2007 standard has been implemented. This standard defines the levels of immunity to electromagnetic interferences as well as maximum levels of electromagnetic emissions for medical devices.This medical device manufactured by Omron healthcare conforms to this EN60601-1- 2:2007 standard for both immunity and emissions.Nevertheless, special precautions need to be observed:Do not use mobile (cellular) telephones and other devices, which generate strong electrical or electromagnetic fields, near the medical device. This may result in incorrect operation of the unit and create a potentially unsafe situation.Recommendation is to keep a minimum distance of 7 m. Verify correct operation of the device in case the distance is shorter.Further documentation in accordance with EN60601-1-2:2007 is available at Omron Healthcare Europe at the address mentioned in this instruction manual.Documentation is also available at www.omron-healthcare.com.Guarantee:Thank you for buying an Omron product. This product is constructed of high quality materials and great care has been taken in its manufacturing. It is designed to give you a high level of comfort, provided that it is properly operated and maintained as described in the instruction manual.This product is guaranteed by Omron for a period of 3 years after the date of purchase. The proper construction, workmanship and materials of this product is guaranteed by Omron. During this period of guarantee Omron will, without charge for labour or parts, repair or replace the defect product or any defective parts.The guarantee covers only products purchased in Europe, Russia and other CIS countries, Middle East and Africa.The guarantee does not cover any of the following:a. Transport costs and risks of transport.b. Costs for repairs and/or defects resulting from repairs done by unauthorised persons.c. Periodic check-ups and maintenance.d. Failure or wear of accessories or other attachments other than the main device itself, unless explicitly guaranteed above.e. Costs arising due to non-acceptance of a claim (those will be charged for).f. Damages of any kind including personal caused accidentally or from misuse.Should guarantee service be required please apply to the dealer whom the product was purchased from or an authorised Omron distributor. For the address refer to the product packaging / literature or to your specialised retailer. If you have difficulties in finding Omron customer services, visit our website (www.omron-healthcare.com) for contact information.Repair or replacement under the guarantee does not give rise to any extension or renewal of the guarantee period.The guarantee will be granted only if the complete product is returned together with the original invoice/cashticket issued to the consumer by the retailer. Omron reserves the right to refuse the guarantee service if any unclear information has been given.www.omron-healthcare.co.uk.

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Marketing description:
Omron.Lightweight.Comp A-I-R™ basic.Compressor.Nebulizer.NE-C803.All for healthcare.


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Usage instructions:
How to use:Warning:Clean and disinfect the nebulizer kit, mask, mouthpiece or nosepiece before using them when as follows:The first time after purchase.If the device has not been used for a long period of time.If more than one person uses the same device.For the instructions, refer to "cleaning and disinfecting" section.1. Make sure that the power switch is in the off position.2. Connect the AC adapter to the compressor and plug the power plug into a power outlet.3. Remove the inhalation top together with vaporizer head from the medication tank.Note:If the vaporizer head came off the inhalation top and fell into the medication tank, remove it out of the tank.4. Add the correct amount of prescribed medication to the medication tank.5. Make sure that the vaporizer head is securely attached to the inhalation top.Note:The sizes of the left- and right-hand attached parts of the vaporizer head are not the same. If the vaporizer head is not attached in the correct orientation, it will not nebulize correctly.6. Put the inhalation top back inside the medication tank.1) Align the protrusion on the inhalation top with the indent on the medication tank, as shown.2) Rotate the inhalation top clockwise until the arrow mark on it and the alignment mark on the medication tank are aligned, and they click in place.7. Attach the mask, mouthpiece or nosepiece to the nebulizer kit tightly.Note:Make sure that these attachments are fitted in such a way that the handle is positioned away from the patient. Otherwise, medication may be sprayed on patient's skin or clothes.8. Attach the air tube.Push the air tube plugs firmly into the air tube connectors.The nebulizer kit can be fixed on the compressor.9. Hold the nebulizer kit as indicated on the right. Follow the instructions of your doctor or respiratory therapist. Exhale as normal through mouthpiece, mask or through the nose.Caution:Do not tilt the nebulizer kit at an angle of greater than 45 degrees in all directions. Medication may flow into the mouth or it may result in not nebulizing effectively.10. Press the power switch to the on (I) position. As the compressor starts, nebulization begins and aerosol is generated.Inhale the medication.11. When treatment is complete, turn the power off. Unplug the AC adapter from the power outlet and disconnect it from the compressor.Note:Securely hold and press the power plug down to disconnect the AC adapter.Caution:Do not pull the power cord.Damage may be caused.Cleaning and disinfecting:Caution: handling the vaporizer head.Always wash the vaporizer head after each use.Do not use a brush or pin to clean the vaporizer head.When disinfecting the parts by boiling, be sure to boil them in plenty of water.Do not boil vaporizer head together with objects other than applicable nebulizer accessories.Cleaning:Clean the parts after each use to remove residual medication. This will avoid inefficient nebulization or infection.Washable parts:Nebulizer kit (inhalation top, medication tank), mask (PVC)/(SEBS), mouthpiece, nosepiece.Wash them in warm water and mild detergent (neutral detergent). Rinse them thoroughly with clean hot tap water and allow to air dry in a clean place.Vaporizer head:Wash it with running water.Non-washable parts:Compressor, air tube:Firstly, make sure that the power plug is unplugged from the power outlet. Wipe clean with a soft cloth moistened with water or mild detergent (neutral detergent).Air filter:Do not wash or clean the air filter. If the air filter becomes wet, replace it. Damp air filters can cause blockages.Disinfecting:Disinfect the parts once a week. If the parts are heavily stained, replace them with new ones.A. Use a commercially available disinfectant. Follow the instructions provided by the disinfectant manufacturer.Note: never clean with benzene or thinner.B. Parts may be boiled between 15 to 20 minutes. After boiling, carefully remove the parts, shake off excess water and allow to air dry in a clean environment.*An example of commercially available disinfectant. (The concentration and residence time specified in the table are under the conditions where the service life of the parts is tested with each disinfectant used as described in its instruction manual. Please note that the testing was not performed for the purpose of ensuring the effectiveness of the disinfectants. There is no intention of suggesting that such disinfectants be used. Conditions of use and ingredients of disinfectant vary for manufacturers. Please read the instruction manuals carefully before use and apply disinfectant to each part in an appropriate way. Please notice that service life of the parts may be shorter depending on conditions, environments and frequency of use).Removing condensation from the air tube:If there is moisture or liquid remaining in the air tube, be sure to follow the procedure below to remove any moisture from within the air tube.1) Make sure that the air tube is connected to the air connector on the compressor.2) Remove the air tube from the nebulizer kit.3) Turn on the compressor and pump air through the air tube to expel the moisture.Changing the air filter:If the air filter has been used for more than 60 days, replace it with a new one.1. Pull the air filter cover off the compressor.2. Change the air filter.3. Put the air filter cover back in place. Make sure it is attached properly.Notes:Use only Omron air filters designed for this device. Do not operate without air filter.Do not wash or clean the air filter. If the air filter becomes wet, replace it. Damp air filters can cause blockages.There is no front or back orientation for the air filters.Check that air filters are clean and free of dust before inserting them.Troubleshooting:Check the following if the device should fail during operation.Problem:Nothing happens when the power switch is pressed.No nebulization or low nebulization rate, when the power is on.The compressor is abnormally loud.The compressor is very hot.Cause:Is the AC adapter connected correctly to a power outlet and the compressor?Is there medication in the medication tank?Is there too much/little medication in the medication tank?Is the vaporizer head missing or not assembled correctly?Is the nebulizer kit assembled correctly?Is the nozzle blocked?Is the nebulizer kit tilted at a sharp angle?Is the air tube connected correctly?Is the air tube folded?Is the air tube blocked?Is the air filter dirty?Is the air filter cover attached correctly?Is the compressor being covered?Remedy:Check that the AC adapter is connected to a power outlet and the compressor. Unplug then reinsert the plug if necessary.Add the correct amount of medication to the medication tank.Attach the vaporizer head correctly.Assemble the nebulizer kit correctly.Make sure that the nozzle is free of blockages.Make sure that the nebulizer kit is not tilted at an angle of more than 45 degrees.Make sure that the air tube is correctly connected to the compressor and nebulizer kit.Make sure that the air tube is not twisted or bended.Make sure that the air tube is free of blockages.Replace the air filter with a new one.Attach the air filter cover correctly.Do not cover the compressor during operation.Note:If the suggested remedy does not solve the problem, do not try to repair the device - the device are not user serviceable. Return the device to an authorized Omron retail outlet or distributor.

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