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Hard Core Series Hardcore Whey All-In-One Protein French Vanilla 908g

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USN Hard Core Series Hardcore Whey All-In-One Protein French Vanilla 908g contains high-impact compounds and Whey gH to build quality muscle and help you break through your plateau.

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More Information

Detailed information

USN French Vanilla Hardcore Whey gH All-In-One Protein Complex 908g

Detailed Description:
27 servings per container. 0% added sucrose. Low temperature cross flow ultra-filtrated whey protein. Tribulyo™ tested tribulus. Tolerase™ L. Protein multi-level complex to break through your plateau. Premium formulation: Forces a state of hyper-accelerated growth##. Increases lean, dense & strong muscle fibres##. Rapid transport & uptake of nutrients to demanding muscle cells. For best results: Throughout the day, before and after training. 27g protein = 1 scoop. 54g protein = 2 scoops. *%Nutrient reference values (NRVs) for individuals 4 years and older (2010). **Protein calculation based on nitrogen content. ***Mono-and di-saccharides. ****AOAC 985.29 method of analysis. Amino acid profile (gram/33g serving): Alanine - 0.8. Arginine - 0.8. Aspartic acid - 1.9. Cystine - 0.4. Glutamine - 3.2. Glycine - 2.4. Histidine# - 0.4. Isoleucine#^ - 0.9. Leucine#^ - 1.8. Lysine# - 1.5. Methionine# - 0.3. Phenylalanine# - 0.7. Proline - 1.3. Serine - 1.0. Taurine - 1.0. Threonine# - 0.9. Tryptophan# - 0.3. Tyrosine - 0.6. Valine#^ - 1.0. #Essential amino acids (EAAs). ^Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). The ingredients used to formulate this product are not sports banned substances. Professional athletes should refer to the USN website for more information on prohibited substances in sport. Tribul40™ is a trademark of Cambridge Commodities. Tolerase™ L is a trademark of DSM. Tel: 086 1111 876. We would like to hear from you: [email protected] or chat to us live on: www.usn.co.za.

Pack size:
Net wt 2.0 lbs/ 908g

Serving size:
± 1 scoop (33g)

Quantity in pack:

Marketing description:
6582 mg complete multi-level growth complex. 4100 mg crea-grow power stack. 229 mg testobolic z-mag-B6 stack. 2253 mg hypervol glycotrans system. USN®. Ultimate sports nutrition. Enhanced new formula & taste. SA's #1 Intl. supplement brand. Hardcore. Whey. gH. All-in-one. Protein complex. Crea-grow stack 4100 mg. Protein 54g per two scoops. Sugar 1.6g. High protein + very low carb with tribulus + creatine + glycine. French vanilla flavour.


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How to use

Usage instructions:
Recommended use: For a 27g protein serving: Mix ±1 scoop (33g) into 200-300 ml of cold water. For an optimal 54g protein double serving: Mix ±2 scoops (66g) into 400-600 ml of cold water. Mix in a shaker or blender for 30 to 40 sec. Take one serving (±1 scoop) 30-45 minutes before workouts and a second double serving (±2 scoops) immediately after. On non-training days/rest days, take a double serving (±2 scoops) on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast and a second serving in-between lunch and dinner. Note that the added herbals may leave a slight texture.

Storage instructions:
Keep this product in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children.

Important notice: as with all supplements, consult your physician prior use (especially if you have a medical condition). Do not use if you are pregnant/lactating or under the age of 18. Remember that an adequate state of hydration must be maintained when using this product. Have at least 8 - 12 large glasses of water per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Taking more than the recommended dose will not improve results and may cause adverse reactions. It is essential to combine with an appropriate muscle gain training programme, as well as eating plan##. High intakes of free-from amino acids may cause gastric discomfort in sensitive individuals - if this prolongs, reduce dosage or discontinue. Nutritional supplements should not replace a varied diet.

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Whey Protein Matrix (Whey Protein Concentrate & Isolate), Soy Protein Isolate, Creatine Monohydrate, Vegetable Fat Powder (From Palm Kernel), Glycine, Milk Protein Concentrate, Taurine, Maltodextrin, Flavouring, Sodium Chloride, Dextrose Monohydrate, Stabilisers, Tribul40™ (Tested Tribulus Terrestris 40% Extract), Magnesium Chelate, Non-Nutritive Sweetener Blend (Sucralose, Acesulfame-K), Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Lactate, Tolerase™ L (pH-Stable Lactase), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6).

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