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Fever Blister Cream 2g

Contains active ingredients including Acyclovir

R 3549

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Cipla Acitop Fever Blister Cream 2g

Detailed Description:
Composition:Each gram of cream contains 50 mg of acyclovir. (5.0 % w/w acyclovir).Preservative:Chlorocresol 0,12% m/m. Pharmacological classification:A 20.2.8. Antiviral agent.Pharmacological action:Acyclovir is an acyclic guanine nucleoside analogue that lacks the 3'-hydroxyl on the side chain. It is active against herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2. Acyclovir is phosphorylated intracellularly by viral thymidine kinase to the active triphosphate that inhibits viral DNA synthesis and replication by inhibiting the viral DNA polymerase enzymes. The active triphosphate is also incorporated into the herpes virus DNA. Normal cellular processes are not affected.Indications:Acitop is indicated for the symptomatic treatment of herpes simplex infections of the lips. Both the initial and recurrent infections can be successfully treated. Contra-indications:Hypersensitivity to acyclovir, propylglycol and chlorocresol. Identification:A white to off- white smooth cream.Presentation:Packed in pure aluminium collapsible tubes, containing 2 g, 5 g or 10 g of cream.© Cipla Life Sciences. Acitop. Cream/room.www.cipla.co.za. Customer care: 080 222 6662.

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Marketing description:
A 20.2.8 antiviral agent.2g.Acitop.Fever blister cream.Cipla.


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Storage instructions:
Store at or below 25 degrees C in a dry place.

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Acyclovir 5% Cream

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5.0 from 1 reviews Write a review
Say bye to fever blisters 5.0
Anonymous reviewer , 22 May 2019

There's nothing worse then those fever blisters during the cold season so I always have this product in my medicine dispenser . You just apply Acitop on the blister then just like magic it'll be gone .