How to fall in love with your fringe again

08 November 2019 | By Reneé Fortune

Have you taken the plunge, had the chopped – and, regretted it as soon as you walked out the salon? We show you how to be BFFs with your fringe again.


From celebrities to catwalks, there’s a new version of the fringe every season – and, we aren’t immune to a flirty, edgy new look. But, there’s a “but”. Fringes don’t always behave in the way we want them to and sometimes, their appeal wears off before they’ve grown out. When this happens, there are a few quick fixes Kelli Zampelli, hair stylist and owner of Zampelli Hair Studio recommends. 

First things first

The most important thing anyone should know about cutting a fringe is that it should never be a snap decision. The best way to prevent doing something you regret is to ask a professional. As Kelli suggests: “A professional stylist will be able to tell you whether you have any natural crowns or cowlicks that will prevent your fringe from falling evenly on your forehead. Then, they can give you advice on whether you should go for a thinner or thicker fringe depending on your hair type.” The moral of the story is that there are quite a few considerations to make before going for a snip because a fringe will take a while to grow out. 

When you yake the plunge

If you’re at the point where you’re 100% sure that a fringe is what you want, then go for it! Kelli recommends choosing a salon that doesn’t charge for fringe cuts. Salons like Zampelli Hair Studio for example, don’t charge for the cutting of fringes between full hair-cuts. This will allow you to pop in whenever you need your fringe to be refreshed. When it comes to a fringe, even a millimetre can make a difference, and it’s not something you want to tackle at home with the kitchen shears.  

How to master your fringe

Kelli gave us these tips on what to do to manage your fringe at any length:

When it’s feeling greasy: Use a salon-quality shampoo that will remove excess oil. Simply wet only your fringe and give it a wash and blow-dry before heading out. It will make the world of difference. 

When it’s feeling dry: Use a salon-quality leave-in conditioner to boost the moisture level of your hair and add a natural-looking lustre to the fringe. 

When it’s in the awkward in-between stage: When it’s still too short to be tucked behind your ear, get a clip and create a swept back look with a clip or a mini clamp. 

When it grows too long: If you don’t want to cut it again, Kelli recommends going for a restyle and asking the hairdresser to create a sideswept fringe that will fall over your eye or one that can be tucked behind your ear. 

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