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Your guide to the perfect eyeliner for every look

25 May 2020 | By Vicki Sleet

Eyeliner can provide the finishing touch to your look, especially when most of our faces are now covered by masks. Here's how to find the perfect eyeliner for your look. 


You may love an Amy Winehouse-style sixties cat-eye or maybe a smoky eye is your signature? Or perhaps you’re looking for new ways to add that extra something to your eye makeup routine – either way, these suggestions might give you some ideas on changing things up as and when you need to.

Metallic magic

Want a touch of Instagram glam? Metallic eyeliners are embracing the global fashion trend and love of copper, gold and silver – choose warmer golden tones for amber and green eyes while silver can add sparkle to blue eyes beautifully while lifting brown eyes too.

Easy eyeliner pens

There’s no denying that eyeliner can finish off a look perfectly – that’s why eyeliner pens are so handy (especially for cat eyes) – they allow you to apply both dainty brushstrokes and more dramatic lines while maintaining control, depending on the tip size. A marker tip also helps create a consistent liner stroke. 

Waterproof wonder

Want to make sure your look lasts? Apply your cat-eye using waterproof eyeliner and you’ll be good to go – white eyeliner on the inside edge of your lower waterline will help your eyes to look bigger and afterwards, a gentle micellar water or eye makeup remover will help take you back to your natural state.

Smokey is always in style

Subtle smokey eyes are perfect for a sophisticated look at work but can be easily ramped up when you’re ready to hit the bar for cocktails. Layer up your shadows and blend then finish things off by feathering your liner along your lashes and blending it in with an angled brush Then when you’re ready to add some oomph to your look – layer it up once or twice – and watch your eyes come to life!

Swing back to the sixties

Sixties eyes are a thing – and they’re so easy to achieve with the right eyeliner! Start with a light eyeshadow (a shimmer is a lovely added element too), then paint on a gentle cat-eye. Now add fake eyelashes for some va va voom. Try this makeup artist’s trick – for extra definition and to thicken lower lashes – apply four dots of eyeliner to your lower lash line.

IMAGE CREDIT: 123rf.com

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