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Let them breathe freely

A blocked nose can affect even the littlest noses..

A blocked nose can hold your baby back. Blocking not
just their noses, but also the full enjoyment they get from
every day. It can be challenging to find an appropriate solution
for a baby's blocked nose.

iliadin® 0,01 % Nose Drops have been specifically created with tiny noses in mind, so your infant is free to eat, drink, and sleep. For babies from 1 to 12 months of age.

S1 ILIADIN® 0,01 % Baby Nose Drops. Each 1 ml of solution contains 0,100 mg oxymetazoline hydrochloride and 0,005 % m/v benzalkonium chloride as preservative. Reg. No. 34/16.1/0366. SNA-NAS-1805-0073 May 2018



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