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No matter your age, we are all at risk of contracting worms. Worm eggs can hide on vegetables, in soil and where your kids and pets play and are easily passed along between hosts. 1,2

In SA, it is recommended to deworm your whole family every 6 months to break the cycle of infection. 1, 3

VERMOX® 3-day multidose tablets or syrup – provides effective cover for all the common types of intestinal worms found in adults and children > 1 year.

VERMOX® Single Dose – Ideal for regular deworming of your family to break the cycle of infection. 1

References: 1. Soil-transmitted helminth infections. WHO News Room. 2. Kwitshana ZL, et al. SAMJ Sept 2008(98)9:709-711. 3. Vermox HCP Claims Study. Global Strategic Insights & Analytics, December 2019.

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