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Suspension 30ml

Contains active ingredients including Mebendazole .

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Otc Product Info

Infections 1and2 Stomach And Colon Health Vermox Suspension 30ml

Detailed Description:
Vermox® suspension.Scheduling status:Schedule 1.Proprietary name (and dosage form):Vermox® suspension.Composition:Each medicine measure (5 ml) contains 100 mg of the active substance, mebendazole and methylparaben 0.18% m/v and propylparaben 0.02% m/v as preservatives.Pharmacological classification:A.12 anthelmintics, bilharzia medicines, filaricides, etc.Pharmacological action:Mebendazole is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic.Mebendazole acts locally in the lumen of the gut by interfering with cellular tubulin formation in the intestines of worms. Mebendazole binds specifically to tubulin and causes ultrastructural degenerative changes in the intestine. As a result, the glucose uptake and the digestive functions of the worm are disrupted to such as extent that an autolytic process occurs.Indications:Vermox® is indicated for the treatment of single and mixed helminth gastrointestinal infestations caused by:Nematodes such as:Trichuris trichiura - (whipworm).Ancylostoma duodenale - (hookworm).Necator americanus - (hookworm).Ascaris lumbricoides - (large roundworm).Ternidens deminutus.Enterobius vermicularis - (pinworm).Strongyloides stercoralis - (threadworm).Cestodes such as:Taenia spp - (tapeworm).Infestations by moniliformis moniliformis.Identification:Banana-flavoured beige suspension.Presentation:Amber glass bottles containing 25 ml, 30 ml and 500 ml Vermox® suspension.Date of publication of this package insert:25 November 2011.Mebendazole (polymorph C) 20 mg/ml.Customer contact centre: 0860 410032 (South Africa only).

Pack size:
30 ml

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Storage instructions:
Store below 25 degrees C.

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Mebendazole 100mg 5ml Suspension

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