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CLUBCARD is a glossy, handbag-sized magazine packed with loads of great health, lifestyle and beauty reads to inform, entertain, empower and inspire readers. Qualifying Gold ClubCard members receive a FREE copy of the magazine at the till, while stocks last. All you need is 100 points in a qualifying period. It's that simple!

Health Holistic Health Flu

Natural flu fighters to try at home

Eat and drink yourself to better health with these at-home healers.


Is your child getting enough sleep?

When you don't have a set sleep routine for baby, how does it impact your child's health and development?


Top 5 tips for choosing the perfect spectacle frames

We help you choose the perfect frames for your face, and explain why regular eye tests are so important.

Flu Health

Fight flu fast - find the right medication for your symptom

Recognise your flu symptoms and treat them quickly for a speedy recovery.

Health Flu

Your ultimate guide to beating the flu this year

Listen to your body, act fast - and you can prevent the flu from taking hold or, at least reduce its severity and duration

Children Baby

How to teach your little one to go potty

If you remain calm, flexible and supportive, your little one will soon master the art of going to the toilet.

Mental Health Health

Practical ways to deal with mental decline

We share a few practical ways to help you cope with mental decline.

Health Flu

A pharmacist's guide to beating flu

Here is how Clicks Pharmacists plan to stay flu-free in 2019.

Oral health Health

Say goodbye to bad breath with these tips to keep your mouth fresh

We share everyday tips for beating bad breath.

ClubCard digital magazines

ClubCard Magazine Issue 2/2018

The new Sorbet make-up range is fresh, affordable and looks great on all skin tones – as seen on our three cover models. We introduce the range to you, along with great Mother’s Day gift ideas. We also highlight ways of preventing flu this winter.

ClubCard Magazine Issue 1/2018

The year kicks off on an inspirational high with Wayde van Niekerk on the cover. This issue prepares you for the job of your dreams, while making sure that the kids are equally happy at school. Wellness trends, the latest fragrances and a budget-friendly beauty update awaits.

ClubCard Magazine Issue 3/2017

ClubCard Magazine Issue 3/2017

Issue 3 is heating up our shelves with previously named “sexiest man alive”, Janez Vermeiren. But to three little boys, his simply Dad. This issue celebrates all Father’s and provides a host of great Father’s Day gift ideas & winter health and beauty tips. Get it in-store.