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Qualifying Gold ClubCard customers receive a FREE copy of the ClubCard magazine as a special benefit. It is a glossy, handbag-sized magazine packed with loads of shopping, great health, lifestyle and beauty reads to inform, entertain, empower and inspire readers. All you need is 150 points in a qualifying period. It's that simple!


Do you know the origin of Valentine's Day?

We try and get to the heart of this romance-filled day.


Top 5 fears new dads face

Fatherhood is a huge responsibility. Take heart with this advice.


Why your toddler lies sometimes – and how to deal with it

Is your toddler telling tall tales? Here’s how to teach your child the value of truthfulness.


How to create a natural hair care regimen that works

Prevent damage by building a care routine that's gentle on your natural hair.


7 essential ways for dads to bond with their newborns

Bonding doesn’t always come instantly for overwhelmed new dads, but it’s crucial.


Cleaning your home: 7 spots you may be forgetting

Make sure your home really is spick and span.


6 healthy homemade treats to make for Christmas gifts

These sweet but healthy Smartbite DIY treats make the perfect edible gifts for the ones you love.


ADVERTORIAL: How to hydrate your skin

Want to put the bounce back in your skin? Or are you struggling with dehydrated skin?


Perfect your gift-wrapping skills this festive season

It may not be rocket science, but some of us just aren’t very good at wrapping gifts.

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ClubCard Magazine Issue 4/2016

ClubCard Magazine Issue 1/2017

Our first issue of 2017 is jam packed with great tips on how to stretch your medical aid savings, hold onto that holiday feeling, stay beautiful on a budget & more. Get it in-store.


ClubCard Magazine Issue 6/2016

Make it a feel-good Christmas with delicious DIY gifts and end-of-year party looks.


ClubCard Magazine Issue 5/2016

Get fit fast, revamp your lunchbox and beat spring allergies.